“If there are no juniors, there are no seniors” KT Kim Sang-soo, who found his alma mater in crisis and practiced talent donation

KT Kim Sang-soo (32) has two wishes for this year.

He was the first year he transferred as a free agent (FA), but it was his first time establishing himself as the starting shortstop. And the alma mater Gumi Dosancho Baseball Club, which made them confident now, is to escape from the crisis of dissolution and grow strong.

The Gyeongbuk elementary baseball world has shrunk to two schools in 10 years with the abolition of the baseball club of Pohang Elementary School in 2008 and Gyeongju Dongchon Elementary School in 2022. In North Gyeongsang Province, the birthplace of stars with a population of 2.6 million, there are only two Pohang Daeaecho and Gumi Dosancho. Even this may be the last year.

Even the Dosan Elementary School baseball team, which is struggling to supply players, is uncertain about participating in the tournament next year. 카지노

In order to revive grassroots baseball in Gyeongbuk, which is in crisis, baseball coaches, of course, school officials, local inspectors, and star players from their alma mater stepped out.

The children’s baseball experience festival held at Dosancho Baseball Field on the 18th also contained this earnest wish. It was an event targeting not only general students but also local dreamers during the vacation period. The event, which lasted for about four hours, was organized so that children could experience baseball theory, defense, catch ball, and tee ball.

Dosancho’s new manager Byeon Yong-seon (36) explained, “This festival was organized with the hope that it would lead to a supply and demand of even one person while promoting the joy and fun of baseball.”

In particular, on this day, an unexpected and welcome guest visited. This is Kim Sang-soo (KT) from this school.

Kim Sang-soo said, “I knew the alma mater’s baseball team was in a difficult situation, but I’m really sorry that I couldn’t take care of my juniors because I was busy.”

He continued, “It would be a way to visit the school and provide supplies, but I think it is important to have a steady interest. In the future, I will not neglect my juniors just because I am busy.”Coach Byun Yong-seon responded, “I felt the value of being a true professional baseball player when I saw smiles on the faces of the children after a long time because of player Kim Sang-soo, who came forward to help young baseball players step by step .” Moreover, this year is the first year since I moved from Samsung to KT, so I am grateful to Kim for taking the time to visit me even though my body and mind would be busy.” Principal Park emphasized, “This year, we plan to construct artificial turf at the baseball field, replace outfield fences, demolish the old manager’s office and amenities, and build a new one.” .

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