“I’m curious to know who it will be” Director Lee Seung-yeop is also strict about this

“I’m curious too. I’m curious, but it’s not easy.”

Lee Seung-yeop is a gentle man, but when it comes to shortstop, he becomes firm and strict. It means that he won’t decide who will be the starting shortstop easily. The Doosan Bears’ search for a post-Jae-ho Kim is ongoing.먹튀검증

Kim Jae-ho, who was called a “genius shortstop” when he joined the team and has been the Bears’ starting shortstop for nearly 15 years, was born in 1985. He is 38 years old this year. He’s at the age where he’s looking to the future. He has a lot of nagging injuries from his past, and the defensive demands of the shortstop position mean that he can no longer be expected to play full-time.

The team needs a new shortstop. There are many candidates. However, the shortstop is the commander of the entire infield defence, so he must have solid defensive skills and a certain level of competitiveness at the plate in order to survive the harsh competition. This is why we are looking for a ‘post-Jae-ho Kim’.

Since the time of Kim Tae-hyung, the search for the next shortstop after Kim Jae-ho has been ongoing. There were and are several candidates. However, no one has been able to establish themselves as a regular starter. Even after Lee took over, the shortstop position was declared an “open competition” and several players were given a chance through spring training, exhibition games, and the opening day.

Ahn Jae-seok, Lee Yoo-chan, and Park Kye-beom were among the first-choice shortstops. Ahn Jae-seok, the favourite, has been sidelined with a poor batting performance and a recent back injury, while Park Kye-beom’s pace seems to have slowed down after a good run. Lee Yoo-chan has been playing as a “multi-man” by alternating between shortstop and second base.

“Park Kye-beom came up to the first team and showed good form, but he seems to have lost his touch again these days,” said Lee Seung-yeop. “For our team situation, we are not deciding on a main shortstop. In fact, I’m curious. I’m curious, but it’s not easy,” he said with a bitter smile.

He also gave a clue to the starting shortstop. “Of course, defence is important for a shortstop. It is also a position that can control the infielders,” he said.

Ironically, they are looking for a ‘post-Jae-ho’, and Kim Jae-ho has been the best of the contenders lately. Kim has been flying lately, with a walk-off hit, a double steal, and a triple. Coach Lee Seung-yeop was also impressed with Kim’s performance, saying, “He’s a veteran who can help pitchers when they’re shaky. It’s natural for a player who does well in competition to go out. Before going to the second team, there was a feeling that his movements were a little dull, but he seems to have gained speed since returning. His movements are dynamic.”

While Kim Jae-ho’s retention is good news, it is imperative that the juniors grow and awaken to keep him in check. Opportunities don’t come easy.

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