“I’m happy” Lee Gi-pleum, winning the Dream Tour in 4 years and 7 months

‘KLPGA 2023 Muan CC-All For You Dream Tour Round 4′ held at the South A (OUT), South B (IN) course of Muan Country Club (par 72/6,472 yards) located in Muan, Jeollanam-do (total prize money 7000) 10,000 won, prize money 10.5 million won)’, Lee Gi-ppeum (29, Very Good Trip) won the championship.

In the first round, Ki-peum Lee, who started the final round with 6 birdies without a bogey and a 1 stroke difference from the lead, finished in 3rd alone, got off to a good start by catching birdies in the 3rd and 5th holes. Afterwards, he recorded a bogey on the 12th hole, but added birdies again on the 15th and 17th holes, finishing the game with a final total of 9 under par 135 strokes (66-69) and holding the championship trophy in his arms.

Lee Gi-pleum said, “I am happier because it has been a long time since I won a championship.” So, in this tournament, whenever I had a chance to make a birdie, I focused on playing with the thought that ‘I have to put it in to win’, so my putt success rate increased, and thanks to that, I think I even won the championship. I am looking forward to it because I think I will be able to achieve good results in the remaining tournaments if I play with confidence like this one.”

Then, Gippeum Lee said, “First of all, I want to give glory to my parents who always support me, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the main sponsor Seok-hwan Kim and the executives and staff of Sogood Trip, and I would also like to express my gratitude to Deok-young Kim, chairman of Bomi Construction. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Park No-seung and manager Kim Woo-jin of Midas Lake Icheon Golf & Resort, who always support and help me as much as my parents. Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the sponsors and the association for holding the tournament for the players.”

Gippeum Lee, who joined in 2011, was mainly active on the Dream Tour, but from the 2015 season to the 2017 season, the Dream Tour and the regular tour were performed concurrently. In the 2018 season, he won his first career 7 years after his debut at the ‘KLPGA 2018 Muan CC-All For You Dream Tour Round 18’ and finished the season in 12th place in the Dream Tour prize money ranking, securing the regular tour seed for the 2019 season.

Afterwards, Gippeum Lee moved to the regular tour from the 2019 season, and succeeded in securing seed rights by placing her name in the top 60 on the prize money list by the 2021 season. In the 2022 season, Ki Peum Lee, who was pushed back to 82nd in the prize money rankings, competed in the ‘KLPGA 2023 Regular Tour Seed Ranking Finals’ held in November last year and ranked 81st, making it difficult to participate in the regular tour. is dedicated to

Lee Ki-joo, whose goal is to return to the regular tour next year, said, “I set the goal of winning the Dream Tour at the start of this season, collecting prize money steadily, and returning to the regular tour. will set a new goal. He expressed his aspirations, saying, “I ask for a lot of interest and support.”

In addition, while performing both the dream tour and the regular tour with a seed ranking of 40th this season, the ‘Kris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship’ held in April, the first major tournament of the 2023 season, drew attention by recording a tie for 4th place with a splendid long hit. Sinsil (19, KB Financial Group) and Kang Dana 2 (24), who unfortunately finished runner-up in the first round of the KLPGA 2023 Muan CC All For You Dream Tour, finished the game with a final total of 8 under par 136 strokes and tied for second place, Park Seol-hui (20), Park Soo-jin 2 (24), and Cho Eun-chae (28) tied for 4th place with 7 under par and 137 strokes.토토사이트

Kang Ji-seon (27), who opened up the possibility of winning the Dream Tour for the first time in her life by taking the lead with Bang Shin-sil with a 7-under-par 65 in the first round, lost one stroke in the final round and finished the match with a final total of 6-under-par 138 (65-73). Cho Jung-min (29), Choi Hye-won (20), Noh Won-gyeong (24), Jeong Yeon-i (21), and Kim Se-eun (25, Ankang Construction) made a joint 7th place group.

On the other hand, Jeon Hyo-min (24, National Beef), winner of the first round of the KLPGA 2023 Muan CC All For You Dream Tour, tied for 58th place with a final total of 1 under par 143 strokes (70-73), and was named in the ‘KLPGA 2023 MC Square · Shin Bo-min (28), the winner of the second game of the Gunsan CC Dream Tour, tied for 39th with a 2 under par 142 strokes (70-72). Lim Jin-young (20, Daebang Engineering & Construction), who achieved his first victory in the’KLPGA 2023 Dream Tour Round 3’, tied for 89th with a score of 1 over par 145 strokes (73-72).

The final round of this tournament, co-hosted by Muan Country Club and Hansung FI All For You Co., Ltd. and supervised by KLPGT, will be recorded and broadcast from 18:30 on the 23rd (Tuesday) through SBS Golf, the host broadcasting company.

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