In the IOC ‘individual qualification’ policy… Mixed reactions from Russia and Ukraine

The International Olympic Committee and the IOC set new standards for international competitions for athletes from Russia and Belarus, which invaded Ukraine. In the middle, reactions from both Russia and Ukraine are mixed.

The IOD held an Executive Committee yesterday (29th) and allowed athletes from both Russia and Belarus to participate in international competitions as members of neutral countries in individual qualifications, but prohibited active military personnel or players belonging to military-run teams from participating in international competitions. .

Players from the two countries are not allowed to participate in team games such as ball games, and they are required to wear only white or plain uniforms when participating in tournaments.

The IOC also decided to discuss whether the two countries would participate in the Paris Summer Olympics next year, effectively putting a brake on their participation in the Olympics.

This is the IOC, which had decided to allow Russia and Belarus to participate in all international competitions in January, changed its position again in two months when it faced strong criticism from the international community.

In response, Russia and Belarus raised strong complaints, saying that the discriminatory factor was large, while Ukraine showed mixed reactions, saying that it was an unacceptable decision to open the way for individual participation to warring aggressors. 온라인바카라

The International Football Federation (FIFA) has revoked Indonesia’s right to host the Under-20 World Cup scheduled for May.

It is known that FIFA made this decision as anti-Israel movements were strong, such as denying entry to Israeli players in Indonesia, including Bali.

FIFA is considering either Peru, host of the Under-17 World Cup, or Qatar, host of last year’s World Cup, as new venues.

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