Indictment of volleyball player Cho Jae-seong and two soccer players on charges of evading military service… A total of 8 athletes

A total of 47 people, including pro volleyball player Jo Jae-seong (28) and two professional soccer players, were handed over to trial, including suspected military service evaders and accomplices.

On the 9th, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office 5th Criminal Division (Chief Prosecutor Park Eun-hye) indicted a total of 47 people, including 42 professional sports players, singers and actors, who had evaded military service, and 5 family members and acquaintances who helped them, on charges of violating the Military Service Act and obstructing the execution of public affairs in a hierarchical manner. did.

According to the prosecution, 42 people who evaded military service received a customized scenario from a broker who has already been arrested and indicted, pretended to be epileptic patients, received false diagnosis certificates, and submitted them to the Military Manpower Administration to receive a reduction or a lowered military service grade.

It turned out that the clients complained of epileptic seizures, called 119, were transferred to the emergency room, and received먹튀검증 treatment at hospitals, making false records of being epileptic patients over a period of one to two years. They exploited the characteristics of epilepsy, which can be diagnosed by continuing to complain of clinical symptoms such as seizures, even if there are no abnormal symptoms on EEG.

Mr. Goo also took actual epileptic drugs and checked them before the hospital examination so that they would not be exposed as fake patients.

Family members and acquaintances who were accused together actively participated in the crime of evading military service, such as making a direct contract with the broker and paying the price, or pretending to be witnesses in the process of reporting 119.

It was revealed that Mr. Gu received between 3 million and 60 million won for consulting fees from those who had escaped military service. The money Mr. Goo received from them amounted to 634.25 million won.

Among the indicted military service evaders, in addition to volleyball player Jae-seong Cho, 8 athletes such as professional soccer, golf, badminton, track and field, horseback riding and rowing, group VIXX’s Ravi, and actor Song Deok-ho were included. In the case of professional soccer, there are two players, and one player’s entry into a new domestic team was canceled this winter.

From February 2020 to October 2022, Mr. Goo was arrested and indicted on December 21 last year on charges of conspiring with a client who was about to undergo a physical examination and submitting a false epilepsy diagnosis to the Military Manpower Administration to receive a reduction in military service (violation of the Military Service Act).

In the first trial on the 27th of last month, Mr. Goo admitted to all charges of violating the Military Service Act and asked for mercy.

In a press release on the same day, the prosecution said, “Currently, we are continuing to investigate the brokers and many of the other evaders.”

On the other hand, according to Article 86 of the Military Service Act, those who cheat to evade military service or receive a reduction in military service are punished by imprisonment for between one and five years. In addition, if the act of evasion is revealed, the existing military service disposition is canceled, and the military service examination is required to serve again. If sentenced to 1 year and 6 months or more in prison, they will be transferred to wartime labor service, but those who have escaped military service are excluded.

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