Is Hanwha a dark horse? Unusual atmosphere, alertness revealed

 One of the teams that is receiving a lot of attention in the 2023 KBO League, which opens on the 1st, is the Hanwha Eagles. Hanwha, which stayed at the bottom for three consecutive years, dreams of an emergency this year.

Hanwha finished first in this demonstration game. Excluding one game that was not played due to rain, they recorded 9 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, surpassing Samsung to take first place. In particular, they have won 4 in a row in their last 4 matches.

This year, the last year of manager Carlos Subero’s contract, we see a change. On the mound, the growth of Dong-ju Moon in his second year, the addition of newcomer Kim Seo-hyun, and the appearance of fireballers stand out, while in the field, Chae Eun-seong and Oh Seon-jin, who were recruited as free agents, are joining to change the team atmosphere.

At the opening media day held on the 30th, there were coaches and players who considered Hanwha as a dark horse.

First, coach Lee Kang-cheol picked Samsung and Hanwha as the teams to meet in the fall baseball season. Coach Lee said, “I don’t know baseball,” and explained, “There are many players with good performance in demonstration games.”

LG Oh Ji-hwan and Park Hae-min were also wary of Hanwha. Park Hae-min said, “I think the team that has become the strongest is Hanwha. Being ranked first in the demonstration game will give the players confidence and pride. I know how big of an asset it is for young players to have confidence. Hanwha will not be easily discouraged if they get into the mood. . That’s why I think it’s a dark horse, “he revealed his thoughts. 메이저사이트

Oh Ji-hwan had a similar idea. Oh Ji-hwan said to his best friend, “I also think that I am Hanwha. Since Chae Eun-seong received a large sum of money, I think I should take responsibility (laughs). (Chae) Eun-seong dreams of advancing to the playoffs of Hanwha, so I hope he achieves it.” left a message

Nevertheless, the baseball world predicts that Hanwha will still remain in the lower ranks this year.

Jung Woo-ram and Chae Eun-seong clenched their teeth. They emphasized in the low-ranking evaluation, “It’s a fact. But this year, we will definitely be able to show a different side of us.”

Chae Eun-seong said, “I feel good about winning first place in the demonstration game, but I viewed the scoring process, the defense process, and the pitching process as positive. “I looked at it positively.

Jung Woo-ram expressed his confidence, saying, “Within three years, I assure you, Hanwha will have the most national team players.” A lot is accumulating. I will show you that Hanwha is changing with a really fun game this season.”

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