“It’s a pity” Yoo Jong-ui of the US Huons, ‘Captain’ Kim Se-yeon won 2 wins in the last game

They fought hard until the last day.

On the 14th, in the game on the 7th day of the 6th round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2022-23’ held in Sono Calm Goyang, Huons defeated Hana Card by a set score of 4-2.

Huons, who currently ranked last with 15 wins and 27 losses in the regular season and 6 wins and 15 losses in the latter season, reaped the beauty of the last day. In the 6th round, I won a total of 3 wins. 

On this day, Oh Seong-wook won 2 wins and Kim Se-yeon won 2 wins each, making them victorious. Hana Card ended the regular league with a losing streak, losing until the last day following the defeat the previous day. 

In the first set, Seong-Wook Oh and Sang-Woon Ko defeated Nguyen and Byung-Ho Kim 11-9 with a high run of 6 points, and Se-Yeon Kim and Hye-Mi Choi immediately took over the baton and defeated Ga-Young Kim and Jin-A Kim. 

Palazon showed strength with a high run of 9 points in the 3rd set, but was unable to beat Nguyen by 1 point. 

Kasidocostas-Kim Jin-ah paired the Kim Bong-chul-Choi Hye-mi pair 9-5, bringing the set score to 2-2 and turning the tide back to square one. Huons, who could not be defeated until the last day, Oh Seong-wook started the men’s singles and defeated Kasido Costas 11-9 in 9 innings.

Then, leader Kim Se-yeon finished the game by defeating ‘Billiard Empress’ Ga-young Kim 9-4 with a high run of 5 points. 스포츠토토,

After the game, Kim Se-yeon visited the interview room and said, “It’s really sad. It’s very, very, very unfortunate that the season ended in last place.” 

He continued, “At first, the atmosphere was good, but as we lost, everyone went underground (the atmosphere got worse).” , Fighting seems to have been lacking as time passed, and I want to make up for this in the next season.”

Also, Kim Se-yeon picked Choi Hye-mi and Kim Bong-cheol as the most outstanding players this season. He said, “I felt that Choi Hye-mi’s mentality and her skills gradually grew and developed.” He continued, “Professor Kim Bong-cheol supported us a lot when I and (Choi) Hye-mi were having a hard time because we were both young and female in the team.  

After a while, from 5:00 pm, a match between NH Nonghyup Card and TS Shampoo Puradak is scheduled, followed by a match between Blue One Resort and Welcome Savings Bank at 8:00 pm. 

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