“It’s perfect as if you’re wearing the right clothes.” Director Sutton is satisfied with the stormy growth of the left-hander in his third year 

“He is perfectly digesting his role as if he were wearing clothes that fit him perfectly”. 

Larry Sutton, manager of the Lotte Giants, said this while being pleased with the performance of left-hander Kim Jin-wook in his third year. 

After graduating from Gangneung High School, Kim Jin-wook, who joined Lotte after being nominated for the second round in 2021, pitched in 39 games in the first year of his debut and won 4 wins, 6 losses and 8 holds. His earned run average is 6.31. 

He climbed the mound 14 times last year and recorded 2 wins and 5 losses (6.36 ERA), showing remarkable growth this year. He had 2 wins and 3 holds in 12 matches. As can be seen from his ERA of 1.38, his pitching was close to perfection. 

On the 6th, coach Sutton said, “As Kim Jin-wook showed steady performance, he gained confidence. He has a strong fighting spirit. He had the mentality to fight on the mound like a warrior.” 

He added, “Last year when I started, my pitches were bad, but I can say that I was good in the bullpen. 

Coach Sutton also said, “What I expect from Kim Jin-wook is that he thoroughly follows his own routine and throws the ball as he planned every time he pitches, as he does now.” 

Kim Jin-wook was expected as a starting agent at the time of his joining, but he is performing well in the bullpen. 

Sutton said, “Personally, I think it is much more difficult to go out as a bullpen pitcher than to start. This is because he often comes to the mound in crisis situations. That’s how difficult it is for him to control,” he said, revealing his thoughts.스포츠토토

That’s why Kim Jin-wook’s performance shines even more. Director Sutton said, “Kim Jin-wook plays the role perfectly as if he were wearing clothes that fit him. He’s been showing steady form on the mound. He said, “For now, he will play in the bullpen, but we may see news that he will turn to the starter in two or three years.” 

Of course, he is not unlikely to start this season. Coach Sutton left open the possibility, saying, “If there is a gap in the starting lineup during the season, Jin-wook Kim can be a substitute starter depending on the situation.”

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