Jamsil Big Boy → The tallest first baseman ‘transformation’, will he become a 30 home run hitter like Park Byung-ho 10 years ago?

Will it be possible to grow rapidly like Park Byung-ho (KT), who blossomed as the ‘home run king’ 10 years ago?

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop plans to change the position of “Jamsil Big Boy” Lee Jae-won (23) from an outfielder to a first baseman. This is to ensure that Lee Jae-won, who had difficulty establishing a position in the thick outfield, has more opportunities to play in the first base position. He creates an environment where Uta Geopo can unleash its potential.

Lee Jae-won’s baseball career changed during the offseason. His original plan was to apply for the Sangmu baseball team and complete his military service by the next year. However, it was modified when new coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop took office as the LG command tower.

Coach Yeom took notice of Lee Jae-won’s batting talent while working as a broadcast commentator this year. Director Yeom, who was appointed as LG coach, praised Lee Jae-won at the finishing camp. He said, “Lee Jae-won is a player with a high probability of improving in the future.” Kim has leaked. He tried to raise him like Park Byeong-ho… ” he regretted.

Afterwards, the LG club withdrew Lee Jae-won’s support for managing the team in consultation with the manager and players. It was at the time before the announcement of the final successful applicants, and it was likely to be accepted, but it was canceled.

It is an opportunity for both the team and the players. LG sent Chae Eun-seong, who played as the fourth hitter and first baseman in the FA market, to Hanwha (up to 9 billion won in 6 years). There is a gap for the first baseman. In addition, Hyung-Jong Lee, a right-handed hitter with long hitting ability, also transferred to Kiwoom (2 billion won in 4 years) after obtaining FA qualification in the Futures League. In the LG lineup, where there are many left-handed hitters, the right-handed gun has become a regrettable situation.

Outfielder Lee Jae-won was ranked low in LG’s national team-level outfield line. Kim Hyeon-soo, Park Hae-min, and Hong Chang-ki are the starting pitchers, and Moon Seong-joo came out with a high batting average of over 30%. If you move to first base, your chances of playing can increase dramatically. At 192 cm, Lee Jae-won will become the tallest first baseman in the league.

Lee Jae-won, who joined LG in 2018, became the home run king for two consecutive years in the Futures League. He hit 13 home runs (203 at bats) in 2020 and 16 home runs (189 at bats) in 2021.

He made his first-team debut in 2020, and experienced bitterness with a batting average of 5 pennies (1-for-20) in his first year. In 2021, he batted 2.2 4 Lee (50 hits in 223) in 62 games with 5 home runs, and this year batted 2.2 4 Lee (50 hits in 223) with 13 homers in 85 games.

Last year he hit one home run per 30.8 at-bats, this year he hit one home run per 17.2 at-bats. reduced by more than half. This year, home runs per at-bat (based on 250 or more at bats) was third behind Park Byung-ho and Choi Jeong.

He has accumulated first-team experience points, and if opportunities for business trips increase in the future, the number of home runs is likely to increase. Director Yeom is convinced of this. Manager Yeom said on the 14th, “Lee Jae-won will be appointed as the first baseman.”토토

During the 2011 season, Park Byeong-ho, who was traded from LG to Nexen (currently Kiwoom), was appointed as the built-in 4th hitter, and his potential as a giant gun blossomed splendidly. He hit 31 home runs in his first full-time first base appearance in 2012, becoming the home run champion.

He exploded the giant gun instinct that LG couldn’t explode and made LG feel sore. It was the result of various factors such as psychological comfort in the new team, infinite trust of the coaching staff, and the narrow Mokdong Stadium.

The 2023 season will be a season of opportunity for Lee Jae-won, such as changing his position from outfield competition to first baseman and guaranteeing as many trips as possible with coach Yeom’s trust. It remains to be seen how much he will grow as a giant.