Japanese media’s ‘baby beast’ alert… “I have been able to gain self-confidence” 

Be wary of the Japanese media, I can gain self-confidence

. ” WBCI (World Baseball Classic Inc), the WBC organizing committee, informed the KBO on the 5th that Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh Pirates) could not participate in the WBC.”

Pittsburgh expressed a medical objection to the WBCI, citing Choi Ji-man’s surgical history. Accordingly, the WBCI held an injury review committee to deliberate on whether or not to allow Choi Ji-man to participate in the WBC, and it was decided as such. According to the WBCI’s final judgment, SSG Choi Ji-hoon was selected by the WBC Korea National Team Technical Committee Chairman Beom-Hyeon Cho, the Technical Committee먹튀검증, and the national team coach Kang-Cheol Lee.

Choi Ji-hoon, who met with reporters at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida on the 11th, said about his physical condition, “I am not worried because my body was made in Korea. However, I am worried that I have to hit the ball a little faster.” “I haven’t hit the ball thrown by the pitcher yet, so I don’t know how it feels in practice. However, when I think about it, I’m not the only one who doesn’t hit and join the national team. After joining, I think it’s good to learn the sense.”

When Choi Ji-hoon was selected as a replacement, Japanese media ‘Tokyo Sports’ said, “There is a disappointing atmosphere in Korea due to the absence of Choi Ji-hoon. However, Choi Ji-hoon joined as a substitute resource.

Regarding this, Choi Ji-hoon said, “I have never expressed patriotism, but it came out like that. I do have patriotism.” “I think it’s good that such articles appeared in Japanese media. I thought it meant that Japan was wary of me. I gave myself confidence. I think it was news that could be obtained.”

Choi Ji-hoon, who became a member of the national team, said, “I think I have a strong idea that I have to take responsibility as a national team player no matter how I am selected as an alternative. I think I should show a play worthy of the Taegeuk mark.” There will be many, but since I am a player representing our country, I am thinking of going out with the mind of winning rather than the mind of learning.”

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