Jeon Jeon Mo? Leaders from E-land to gather

A gathering of former E-Land leaders will be promoted.

On the 24th, Chosun University Gymnasium hosted a match between Chosun University and Myongji University.

Choi Myung-do, the coach of Gunsan, was there to cheer on his student Kim Do-yeon, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation. When Choi entered the gym, Kim Do-yeon quickly ran to embrace him.

Kang Yang-hyun, who leads Chosun University, played for the second team of the E-Land (now the D-League), while Kim Tae-jin Myung-ji played for the E-Land from the 2004-2005 season and has 11 years of coaching experience after retiring. He is the longest-serving former player in the league.

Coach Choi Myung-do also played for the organisation for three seasons. He even shared a room with Kang Yang-hyun during their time together.메이저사이트

With the common denominator of being from E-land, the three coaches decided to create a group of former E-land coaches who are now playing professionally as well as amateurs.

Coach Kim Tae-jin said, “We’ve been talking about getting together once in a while for a long time, but we didn’t have a focus. This time, coach Kang Yang-hyun asked us to do it. I also spoke to Lee Ho-geun about creating a gathering of former E-land coaches,” he said. “I’m grateful that E-land ran the team during that time, and the players were grateful and had a lot of fun. So, it means that the players and officials who went through difficult times together can meet and share memories even once a year.”

There are many OB gatherings from high school and university. A representative team-based group is Samnonghoe (Samsung alumni group).

In the professional arena, the former players of the historic name E-land are promoting a gathering to share memories.

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