‘K-Jamie Body’ Kim Beom-soo, “Ansan? ‘Okay call’ and came right away”

“Ansan Greeners contacted me first. Kim Bum-soo is about to make a new start at Ansan Greeners.

On the 6th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held a press conference for the 5th media camp of the 2023 season K-League winter field training at the Seogwipokal Hotel located in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. From 4:00 pm, the Ansan Greeners, led by coach Lim Jong-heon, participated.

Ansan is entering its 7th season since its founding. With the beginning of the new year, he signed a new contract with manager Lim Jong-heon and quickly started preparing for the season. Furthermore, it is also noteworthy that the squad was reorganized by signing free contracts (FA) with several K-League 1 players. With Lee Geun-ho, Kim Jin-hyun, Kim Jae-seong, and Kim Beom-soo joining, power was reinforced across all positions.

It is one of the best ‘early birds’ in the entire K-League. Ansan set up a nest in Seogwipo, Jeju early in late December of last year and started winter스포츠토토 training. Coach Lim Jong-heon and the players are sweating hard to keep the promise they made to the fans in the last home game last season, ‘I will come back as a stronger and stronger Ansan’.

‘K-Jamie Body’ Kim Bum-soo is also taking on a new challenge. After going through the K5 League Dongducheon ONE TEAM, K7 League TDC, and K4 League Seoul Jungnang Soccer Team, he received attention by joining K League 1 Jeju United last year. After the season ended, he joined Ansan and continued his professional career. Kim Bum-soo burned his will by conveying his determination to face the new season.

Q. Preparing for the season

A. It’s my first winter training as a pro. There were many new parts such as physical training and tactical training that I hadn’t experienced since I was in the middle of the season in Jeju.

When I was in Jeju, I was so grateful for taking care of each and every one of them. Now that I have come to Ansan, I am training with the mindset of starting over.

Q. Background

of joining Ansan A. Ansan contacted me first. It was the first time I received such a contact. I said ‘Okay call’ and came right away. Director Lim Jong-heon seems to have a different style from director Ki-il Nam. It is the tactical detail or the part that orders each player. Ansan players seem to be really desperate. We are trying to come together, and we are trying to get up somehow (K-League 1).

Q. Congratulatory message

A. Of course I received it. Everyone is in a congratulatory mood. This time, everyone said to score a lot of goals. So, the goal for the season was set at 10 attack points.

Q. Adaptation to the team

A. MBTI is E, so we got close. The closest player is Kim Chae-woon, who is the same age. He is also trying to be friendly with his older brothers. He shouldn’t be an ‘old man living alone’, so he tries to be friendly somehow.

My roommate is Kim Jae-seong, a player from Ulsan Hyundai. My role model is Um Won-sang, but he let go of my legs. Coming to a higher place, I think I can reach this kind of opportunity.

Q. Director Lim Jong-heon’s order

A. He says, ‘Be confident in a one-on-one situation and finish’, ‘Be sure to move and penetrate into the back space’, etc. The part that emphasized the most is the part that connects the easy parts without making mistakes. Since there are some mistakes, he emphasizes that part.

Q. K-Jamie Vardy

A. I only watched the goal scoring scene. Rather than being burdened, it feels ashamed and embarrassed. As a player, the goal is to lift the championship trophy.

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