‘Keep the winning coaches as much as possible’ SSG, reorganize ‘Kim Won-hyeong-ho’… Chief Cho Won-woo and Kim Min-jae as third base-ops coaches

SSG Landers reorganized most of the first team coaches next year with those who led the team to the combined championship this season.

SSG announced on the 15th that “the coaching staff has been reorganized in preparation for the 2023 season.” Immediately after winning the Korean Series, the coaching staff was reorganized as third base coach Jeon Doo Jeon moved to NC Dinos head coach and bullpen coach Lee Dae-jin moved to Hanwha Eagles head coach. In addition to the reorganization of the first team coaching staff, SSG also made changes to the Futures (second team) team.

SSG explained, “The 1st team maintained the positions of the existing coaches who contributed to the combined championship this season as much as possible.” Bench coach Cho Won-woo changes positions as head coach and head coach Min-jae Kim changes positions to bench coach and third base running and operations coach. Hitting coach Jeong Kyung-bae will move to quality control (QS) coach and take on the role of a bridge between Data Part and manager Kim Won-hyung. The position of bullpen coach will be filled by Futures pitching coach Lee Seung-ho.

Among them, the transfer of assistant coach Cho’s position is highly likely to have a positive impact on manager Kim’s decision-making. Coach Kim placed Coach Cho as a bench coach to play a key role this season, but there were not a few days when he was not in the dugout during games due to the number of entries in the first team. On the other hand, in the Korean series included in the entry, he became a reliable helper and directed a decisive scene together. 토토

There will also be a change in key positions in Future Steam. Lee Dae-soo, defense, operations, and base coach, takes on the role of general coach Scott Fletcher, who has been breathing for two years. SSG said, “While working with Coach Fletcher, we showed strength in player development and communication.

While most of the composition of the coaching staff has been maintained, the club atmosphere is still quite chaotic. Fans went to the social media (SNS) of owner Jeong Yong-jin to ask for clarification on the suspicions that arose in the process of manager Seong-yong Kim taking office on the 14th after manager Seon-gyu Ryu, who had built the team in just two years, suddenly resigned on the 12th, and Seong-yong Kim took office on the 14th. We prepared a truck demonstration to be sent to the group headquarters. On the 15th, owner Jeong wrote on his social media account that it was a “personal space,” and “I hope you don’t mistake it for communication.”

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