Kim Bo-reum – Roh Seon-yeong, 2nd trial verdict… Compulsory mediation of ‘bullying controversy’ lawsuit collapsed

The court tried to end the lawsuit battle between Kim Bo-reum and Noh Seon-young for several years over the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics speed skating controversy over ‘bullying’, but it was virtually canceled.

According to the legal community on the 31st, Kim Bo-reum’s attorney filed an objection to the decision to replace the mediation (forced mediation) with the 13th Civil Division of the Seoul High Court (Chief Judge Kang Min-gu, Jung Moon-kyung, and Lee Jun-hyun), the second trial court.

Roh Seon-young’s side has not yet revealed whether or not they will accept it.

Compulsory mediation is a procedure in which a court sets the terms of reconciliation between the parties to resolve a dispute without adjudicated in 먹튀검증 a civil lawsuit. If either of the parties does not accept the mediation proposal, the mediation is broken.

The court tried to end the lawsuit between the two players with a ‘reconciliation of both sides’. In the defense held on the 9th of last month, he appealed for an agreement, saying, “I want to ask our society if adults can drive young players to hell so harshly.”

On the 11th of this month, the two sides also tried to mediate through the mediation of the court, but failed to reach an agreement. The court made a decision to substitute mediation based on the results of the discussion that day, but even this was canceled.

In the future, the court may present a revised mediation proposal, but if the two sides fail to reach a reconciliation and ultimately fail to mediate, it is expected that the lawsuit will be concluded with a formal judgment.

Kim Bo-reum participated in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics speed skating women’s team pursuit quarterfinals with Roh Seon-young and Park Ji-woo. When Noh Seon-young lags far behind in the game and came to the finish line, Bo-reum Kim took the lead and outflanked Noh Seon-young.

Afterwards, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism conducted an audit and revealed that there was no intentional bullying, but Kim Bo-reum was hit by public opinion.

In January 2019, Boreum Kim claimed that she had been harassed by Noh Noh, who interfered with her training and verbally abused her, and in November of the following year, she filed a lawsuit against Noh, claiming 200 million won.

The court of the first trial ruled that Seon-young Seon-young should compensate her 3 million won, saying that it was acknowledged that she had harassed her, such as verbally abusing Bo-reum Kim.

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