Kim Seo-hyun, who apologized for the ‘gossip controversy’, is a reflection that should be engraved in her heart, not a hat

Hanwha Eagles rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (19), who caused controversy by gossiping at team coaches and fans through social media (SNS), apologized.  

An official from the Hanwha club said on the 11th (Korean time), “Kim Seo-hyun apologized to the fans through the reporters who visited the spring camp today when he resumed training. Prior to this, he visited the coaches and seniors and asked for forgiveness.” 

Kim Seo-hyun, who has been excluded from team training for the past three days, stood in front of reporters prior to team training at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA. He said, “There’s no room for excuses. I’m really sorry먹튀검증. I couldn’t live up to the expectations of the fans and only let myself down. I’m also really sorry to the seniors and coaches who train hard.” He went on to say, “I heard a lot of really good things from my seniors and coaches. When I was alone, I reflected more as I remembered those words. I will become a more mature person than I am now.”

Kim Seo-hyun expressed dissatisfaction with the coach’s direction through a private account. As this article was released through the Internet community, the controversy grew. 

Kim Seo-hyun is a top-notch prospect who was nominated by Hanwha as the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft held in September of last year. He is a pitcher who throws a fast ball in the late 150 km/h range. He is immediately rated for power. 

The sports fan has been tired of his player’s careless social media activities several times. Seohyun Kim is a rookie who has not yet debuted. As a player who is receiving a lot of expectations, the controversy has grown over the suspicious behavior. Opinions were also divided on the level of punishment by the club.  

On this day, Kim Seo-hyun, who lowered her head, saw several sentences written with a pen on the inside of the brim of her hat. ‘Let’s mature!’ ‘Let’s reflect’, ‘There is no player greater than the team’, ‘Take care of the people who help me’, etc. 

Seohyun Kim received a relatively large down payment. expectations for him · Media attention also poured in. He was also criticized for it. 

Coach Carlos Subero and senior players hope that Kim Seo-hyun will grow further through this controversy. It seems that Kim Seo-hyun should engrave the phrase engraved on the brim of his hat on his chest as well. 

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