KLPGA ‘tall’ rookie Kim Min-sun signs a contract with Wow Management

 Kim Min-seon (20), who will make her debut on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour this year, has signed a contract with Wow Management Group (CEO Jang Sang-jin), a sports marketing company먹튀검증.

The WOW Management Group is composed of Inbi Park (35), Soyeon Ryu (33), Arim Kim (28), Jungeun Lee (27), etc., who play on the LPGA Tour, and Jiyoung Kim (27), Yerim Choi (27) of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour. 24), Go Ji-woo (21), and Yoo Hyeon-joo (28) belong to the company.

Min-sun Kim, who is active as Min-sun Kim 7 according to the regulations for her registered name, which is her same name on the KLPGA tour, is a newcomer who is attracting attention this season for her tall height of 177 cm and excellent physique.

She recently had a main sponsorship deal with Daebang Construction.

Min-sun Kim, who served as the national team and played on the dream tour through the jump tour last year, climbed to 13th on the dream tour money list last year, earning her KLPGA tour seed from this year.

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