Korea Sports Association promotes hosting of 2025 Asian Winter Games


Just like the Olympics, the Asian Games are divided into winter and summer. The Korean Sports Association is promoting the hosting of the Asian Winter Games in Korea in 2025, two years later.

This is reporter Kwon Jong-oh.


Seven winter sports organizations토토사이트, including the Ice Skating Federation and the Ski Association, recently sent an official letter to the Korea Sports Council asking them to “host the Asian Winter Games in 2025.”

The reason why the winter organizations have gathered their will is because the Asian Winter Games cannot be held for 12 years.

The Asian Winter Games, held every four years, were last held in Sapporo, Japan in 2017.

The 2021 competition was canceled due to overlapping corona while there were no host countries, and no country has yet applied for a bid for the 2025 competition.

The 2029 competition will be held in Saudi Arabia for the first time in a Middle Eastern country, and winter organizations are advocating that the disadvantage of winter athletes compared to summer events is too great if there is no Asian Games by then.

[Winter Games Organization official (Voice Modified): You can be motivated through this (Asian Games), and if you win a gold medal, there are military service benefits and pension benefits.] The Korea Sports Association decided to hold the event, and the most important cost

reduction To this end, we are reviewing plans to drastically reduce the opening and closing ceremonies and focus on competitions.

[Korean Olympic Committee official (voice modulation): There were many opinions like that when the players were only allowed to compete. Anyway, it was a flaw.]

The Sports Association plans to start specific consultations with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as related local governments such as Seoul, Gangwon, and Jeonbuk.

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