Korea-US-Japan 500 saves by Oh Seung-hwan–“Throwing is history”

On 6 June, Samsung Lions closer Seung-hwan Oh earned his 500th career save in Korea, the United States, and Japan when he saved the back door for the eighth time this season in a home game.

The record is unheard of in Nippon Professional Baseball, and even in Major League Baseball, only two legendary closers, Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman, have more than 500 saves,

Reporter Seokwon Oh met with Seung-hwan Oh, who is rewriting the history of professional baseball with every game.안전놀이터

In his first year in 2005, Seung-hwan Oh won the championship, rookie of the year, and Korean Series MVP.

In 2011, he became the youngest pitcher in the world to record 200 saves in a single game, and he went on to make 80 saves in Japan and 42 saves in the United States, and then 300 saves in the KBO in 2021.

All of his saves have become part of baseball history.

◀Samsung Lions pitcher Oh Seung-hwan▶
“I don’t think any game is more memorable than this one, and while I’m making 500 saves, I’m realising once again how hard it is to make a save these days.”

Despite the difficulties in the middle of 2022, Seung-hwan made 31 saves, and when the crunch came again this season, he made his own breakthrough by deciding to make his first personal start, eventually reaching the 500-save mark in the Korea-US-Japan series.

◀Samsung Lions pitcher Oh Seung-hwan▶
“I had a bit of a bad start to the season, but I’m hoping that by setting the record yesterday, I’ll be able to use it as a springboard to get better, and it means a lot to me to reach 500 saves.”

Although his velocity is down from his peak and his delivery is not as good as it used to be, Oh Seung-hwan is still Samsung’s closer.

◀Samsung Lions pitcher Oh Seung-hwan▶
“I will continue to work hard to make more saves so that fans can have more fun at the ballpark and watch the ninth inning more comfortably”

Oh Seung-hwan’s challenge to rewrite baseball history with every game he plays.

“Seung-hwan Oh’s next goal is to record 400 saves in the KBO, which is about 20 games away.

I’m Seokwon from MBC News.” (Video by Lee Seung-jun)

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