‘Kung Fu Kid’ Song Ya-dong provokes his nemesis Vera…”Do you want a rematch? Let’s stick together again”

UFC Bantamweight No. 8 Song Ya-dong (25, China) won his comeback match and provoked his arch-rival Marlon Vera (30, Ecuador).

On April 30 (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), in the main event of ‘UFC Fight Night: Song vs. Simon’ held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Song Ya-dong defeated Ricky Simon (30, USA), 10th place in the bantamweight division, in 5 rounds and 1 minute. 10 second punch TKO victory.

Song Ya-dong passed the wrestler test to go to the top 5. True to his nickname ‘Kung Fu Kid’, Song Ya-dong has top-notch batting skills, but he struggled with wrestlers in the past. To Song Ya-dong, Simon, the second-ranked wrestler in the UFC bantamweight division with the most takedowns, was a good opponent.

Song Ya-dong allowed Simon two takedowns, but quickly got up and engaged in a blowout. When wrestling didn’t work, Simon engaged Ya-dong Song in a slugfest. Eventually, in the fourth round, Ya-dong Song’s left hook went off. Simon fell to the floor, but the bell rang to end the round.

Song Ya-dong continued his momentum in the 5th round and succeeded in finishing. Simon was knocked down once again with a left hook followed by a right hand overhand hook. In the ensuing ground pounding, the referee stopped the fight and declared a TKO.

As a result, Song Ya-dong overcame his defeat against Cody Sandhagen (31, USA) in October of last year and reported his 8th win in the UFC. The total record was 20 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses and 1 null.

In an interview after the match, Song Ya-dong asked for a top 5 ranker as his next opponent. First, they asked for second place superstar Sean O’Malley (28, USA), but in reality, the target was a rematch with Vera, the 5th place.

Song Ya-dong and Vera were embroiled in a controversy over the decision, and a bad relationship arose. Song Ya-dong won Vera in 2020 by unanimous decision (29-28 29-29 29-28). However, because the content of the match was Baekjungsae, Vera complained about the judgment result. 카지노사이트

Song Ya-dong said, “Vera, do you want to do a rematch? If you don’t agree with the decision in the first game, let’s stick together.” He said, “I want to fight a top 5 fighter. But the UFC is protecting O’Malley, so we won’t give him away,” he explained why he wanted a rematch with Vera.

The timing is right. Vera walked away from the title front after losing to Sandhagen in March. It is worth wanting to get revenge on Song Ya-dong for the comeback match.

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