“Like Chloe Kim… “Snowboard genius Choi Ga-on’s rapid growth

There is a Korean snowboarding genius who is already attracting attention as a medal candidate in the snowboarding halfpipe at the Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics three years later.

This is Choi Ga-on, who stood tall as a world-class athlete at the age of 14.

Reporter Shin Soo-bin met via video.


Last weekend, a 14-year-old girl caught the attention of snowboarding fans.

[“1080 degree! It’s the best 1080 degree technology I’ve seen today.”]

14-year-old Choi Ga-on, who surprisingly won the X Games, which only world-class athletes were invited to, shortened Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim’s record of becoming the youngest winner of the event by six months.

[“The future of the snowboarding superpipe has just been awarded the gold medal.”]

[Gaon Choi/National Snowboard Representative: “I was really happy. My original goal was to be on the podium, but it felt really good to come in first place.”]

Gaon Choi is still too young to participate in the Snowboard World Cup, but has already proven his world-class skills by winning the X Games 토토사이트.

Gaon Choi’s talent is so great that it is comparable to Chloe Kim’s appearance at the time, a gold medalist from Pyeongchang to Beijing Olympics.

[Gaon Choi: “(Chloe Kim) has been my role model ever since I was 7 years old. First of all, she rides really well. She’s a really great player, but I really want to win someday.”]

Gaon Choi will win the gold medal at the Youth Olympics in Korea next year ] Ranked No. 1.

It is an analysis that if it grows smoothly, it is possible to win the first Olympic gold medal in Korean snowshoe history.

[Choi Ga-on: “At the Youth Olympics, I want to be on the podium in slopestyle besides the pipe. (At the Milan-Cortina Olympics) I want to show off what I have prepared so far. I didn’t have to be first place.”]

Choi Ga-on, the hope of Korean snowboarding We look forward to the moment that will startle the world.

This is Subin Shin from KBS News.

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