Lose-lose-lose-win-win-win-win… Kim Jong-un becomes a Hanukkah Baekdujangsa on Mt.

Veteran wrestler Kim Jin (Jeungpyeong County Office) roared to victory after a year and four months in folk wrestling.

In the Baekdujangsa (140 kilograms and under) deciding match (best-of-five) at the 2023 Chuseok Jangsa Wrestling Competition at Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on Sunday, Kim pulled off an upset, dropping the first two bouts to Oh Jung-moo (Mungyeong City Hall) before winning the third to lift the bull trophy.

It was Kim’s ninth career Baekdujangsa title, coming a year and four months after his victory in Gosan last May. It is his 10th career title, including one Cheonha Jangsa title. Kim celebrated the 100th day of his first son’s life, so the win was a double celebration.

In the deciding game, Kim was pushed to the brink by Oh Jeong-moo, who attacked first but was countered and lost two moves. He won the third and fourth with a push and a leglock, respectively, to even the score, and then sealed the match with a quick grab in the fifth. Oh fell backwards and tried to reverse the position, but was unable to do so.먹튀검증

Oh, who changed his name from Oh Jeong-min this year, caused a stir in the quarterfinals with a 2-0 victory over “monster” Kim Min-jae (Yeongam-gun Folk Wrestling), who boasts a 95 percent win rate this year, and then again in the semifinals with a 2-0 victory over “emerging powerhouse” Choi Sung-min (Taeanan-gun), who dreamed of winning his fourth national title in two years and 10 months, but was stopped by Kim’s seasoned skill. Kim was denied his fourth straight title and sixth overall this year.

In the previous day’s gold medal match, Lim Tae-hyuk (Suwon City Hall) defeated teammate Kim Ki-soo 3-1 to win his first title in a year and eight months since the Lunar New Year tournament last January. Lim, who has won six Chuseok tournaments, increased his career tally to 21 titles, most notably his 19th gold medal, overtaking Choi Jeong-man (18 – Yeongam-gun Folk Wrestling Team) for sole possession of the most titles in the weight class. He also added two combined taebaek-gold medals to close the gap on Noh Bum-soo (Ulju County Office), who had been closing in on the record. Noh has won 19 titles in total, including 18 in Taebaek and one in Keumgang.

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