Loser Man City Pep, “Congratulations to Manchester United, but Rashford distracted me”

Coach Pep Guardiola (51) stood in front of the microphone. 

Manchester City lost 1-2 in a match against Manchester United in the 20th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022/23 season held at Old Trafford in Trafford, Greater Manchester, Northwest England on the 14th (Korean time). Man City failed to win two league victories in a row, while Manchester United sprinted to five league victories in a row.

On the same day, according to British media BT Sport, Pep said: “The game was really good. We played well. United were amazing in transition situations. Congratulations to United. I’m playing (well) this way at Old Trafford. I’m proud of it, bu t the opponent punished us (with a goal) in the transition between offense and defense.”  온라인카지노

Regarding the controversial equalizer by Bruno Fernands (29), he said, “In that situation, Marcus Rashford clearly distracted our goalkeeper and centre-backs (offside).” 

“We missed some dangerous opportunities up front and there were some breaks in the development process. But we put together a fantastic game,” added Pep. 

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