Management promise… Director Kim Seung-gi “I believe and go!”

“I made a promise, so you have to believe it.”

Professional basketball Carrot is walking on a thorny field. The whole club was in crisis due to severe financial difficulties. This is the reason why they cannot laugh as they please, even after achieving the results of advancing to the postseason (PS) in the first year of its establishment (26 wins, 25 losses, 5th place as of the 23rd). While negative issues continue to raise their heads, the most difficult must be the coaching staff and players on the field. It is bound to have an adverse effect on performance. Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi said, “There is no such part,” but “I still went to the playoffs (PO). We will come together and overcome it.”

◆ Deteriorating management, storm that shook the club Carrot

took over Orion ahead of this season and became a new family member of KBL. It was launched as the first independent corporation in professional basketball. The operator is Day One Sports, a corporation with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering as its parent company. It also showed other moves, such as attracting Carrot Insurance as a naming sponsor. The problem is that as Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering went into court receivership due to financial difficulties, even the basketball team sparked fire. It became a situation where even the players and front desk wages could not be paid on time, and at last, negotiations on the sale were pushed forward during the season.

To make matters worse, even Carrot Insurance was withdrawn. As of the 21st, the naming sponsorship contract was terminated. Initially, the contract was signed for four years, but it was judged that the adverse effect was more concerned than the advertisement expected. However, you cannot change the name immediately. According to the rules of the Professional Basketball League (KBL), it is impossible to change the club name in principle, and when there is a legitimate reason, it must go through the board of directors. It’s the end of the season, and it’s a big job to change everything from uniforms to court floors, products, and 10 club websites. Uneasy.

There are not just one or two mountains to overcome. Right now, the remainder of the special membership fee (enrollment fee) (1 billion won) must be paid by the end of March. Previously, the first payment of 500 million won was delayed. KBL has decided not to allow Carrot to participate in spring basketball if the deposit is not received by the set date. In this case, the right to advance to the PO goes to the 7th ranked team. This is the first time since the inception of professional basketball. Needless to say, Daejin is twisted. In the round of 6 PO, 3rd place and 6th place and 4th place and 5th place face each other in the regular league. It is difficult to erase uncertainty until just before PS.

◆ Management’s Promise, Moving Again Carrot

‘s management is busy moving. We had an executive meeting on the 21st and explained the current situation to the director and the front desk. Fortunately, the sale negotiation itself has been proceeding smoothly so far. The management representative reassured that about 80-90% of the special membership fee was secured. As soon as the circumstances are possible, he said that he would pay right away even before the deadline (31st). He also announced that he would pay the overdue wages sooner or later. Director Kim said, “The company said that it would be done as long as the PO was paid normally. I just believe and go,” he nodded. 메이저놀이터

The site is also preparing for PO in earnest. Currently, Carrot is not perfect. After confirming the entry into the PS, the key players were given rest and treatment time. It was also a time to give players who had not played well in the game a chance. From the match against Samsung on the 25th, most players except Jeon Seong-hyun are expected to play. Jeon Seong-hyun is known to have been running with cochlear damage. Director Kim said, “I think (former) Seong-hyeon needs to rest a little. He will be back to normal from the next game.”

It was a series of hardships, but in that time, the players came together tightly. Coach Kim nodded, saying, “Actually, I didn’t say anything to the players.” Even in PO, Carrot’s weapon is by far the outside shot. Carrot is putting in 11.6 per game this season. 1st. Coach Kim said, “It’s what we do best,” and raised his voice, saying, “Even if we don’t know until the championship match, we’ll make the opponent feel ‘really difficult’ in the PO.”

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