Monthly salary of 90,000 won?…Chuncheon Citizens Football Club points out player contracts that violate K3 League regulations

The Chuncheon Citizens Football Club, which is affiliated with the K3 League, has been criticized by the Chuncheon City Council for signing player contracts in violation of league regulations.

Chuncheon City Councilor Na Yoo-kyung, a member of the Planning and Administration Committee, pointed out at the 2023 Administrative Affairs Audit held on the 14th that “the K3 League regulations stipulate a minimum annual salary of 20 million won for players, but the Chuncheon Citizens Football Team has 16 players who do not meet the minimum.”

“If you look at the labor cost remittance details, some players only received a monthly salary of 90,000 won,” said Councilor Na. “There is also a discrepancy between the annual salaries of the players’ contracts and the public data of the board of directors in March, and double contracts are also suspected.” A city official said, “We will closely review the relevant regulations and strictly warn and reprimand if there is any wrongdoing.”안전놀이터

Meanwhile, during the administrative affairs audit, friction arose when a Democratic Party councilor displayed a picket with a sign opposing the discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima on the broadcast screen, and councilors from the People’s Power protested.

On the same day, Democratic Party of Korea councilor Na Yoo-kyung appeared at the audit with a picket against the discharge of Fukushima contaminated water, and the councilors of the People’s Power protested, saying, “Refrain from political behavior in the audit for citizens,” and the meeting was adjourned. When the demand was not met, the councilors of the People’s Power also proceeded with the audit while wearing pickets criticizing the Democratic Party of Korea.

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