Mover’s Confession “I wanted to buy Kim Min-jae, but Tottenham didn’t help me”

Coach Jose Mourinho revealed an anecdote with Kim Min-jae. He explained that he pushed for the recruitment of Kim Min-jae during his time as Tottenham manager, but Tottenham was lukewarm.

AS Roma, led by coach Mourinho, will play an away match in the 2022-23 season Serie A round 20 against Napoli at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona on the morning of the 30th (Korean time). It is a match between 1st place Napoli and 6th place Roma. 스포츠토토

Prior to the game, manager Mourinho participated in a pre-press conference. At this meeting, Mourinho talked about Kim Min-jae. “I can talk about a player from Napoli,” Mourinho said. I wanted to sign him when I was at Tottenham, but Tottenham didn’t help me.”

He was Kim Min-jae. Director Mourinho said, “I talked to Min-jae Kim several times via FaceTime. For the transfer fee, Kim Min-jae’s team offered 10 million euros and Tottenham offered 5 million euros. A deal could have been made between 7 million and 8 million euros, but Tottenham couldn’t spend the money at the time. Kim Min-jae also sincerely wanted to come to Tottenham, but he couldn’t come,” he complained.

“And now he’s a ‘damn’ player playing for Napoli,” Mourinho said. His name is Kim Min-jae,” he added. Regarding this, Italian local media reported that “Coach Mourinho was sarcastic at Tottenham, who doubted Kim Min-jae’s skills at the time.”

Afterwards, Kim Min-jae joined Napoli through Fenerbahce and grew into a top defender in the league. Now, it is said that a transfer fee of more than 40 million euros is required to recruit Kim Min-jae. This is a situation where Tottenham could have a stomach ache.

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