NBA experience X, bad finish…how did I make the final two?

A head coaching market full of greats. The Detroit Pistons are going their own way.

The Detroit Pistons have narrowed their head coaching search to Charles Lee (Milwaukee) and Kevin Ollie (Overtime Elite), Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fisher reported on Sunday. One of these two men will be the next head coach.

The NBA head coaching job comes with a hefty salary and a lot of prestige. The 30 most talented coaches in the world are selected. That’s why Detroit’s selection is so puzzling. The quality of the candidates is disappointing.메이저사이트

Charles Lee, a key coach with the Milwaukee Bucks, is an established leader who deserves to be on the list. He’s also highly regarded by other organisations.

The problem is the other candidate, Kevin Oladipo. From the moment he was first announced as a candidate, Detroit fans were baffled. He made it from the first round of interviews to the shortlist, and now he’s down to two finalists.

NBA fans will recognise the name. He was a point guard who played as a junior in the NBA from 1997 to 2010.

After retiring, he had a short coaching career. He was an assistant coach at the University of Connecticut from 2010 to 2012, and then head coach for the next six years. That’s it. Although he had some good years at the University of Connecticut, his final year was so bad that he was dismissed from the club. He got into quite a bit of trouble along the way.

He is currently a player development coach in the Overtime Elite League, an amateur league.

He has no experience coaching in the NBA. He was dismissed from the college ranks for poor performance. He’s currently a player development coach in an amateur league, not a head coach.

Ollie is Detroit’s second finalist for the job. According to TheStarLine, Detroit general manager Troy Weaver is a big fan of Ollie and is positive about the idea of him becoming head coach.

There have been some big names in the head coaching market recently, including Mike Budenholzer and Nick Nunes. There are also young but experienced NBA assistant coaches who are raising their stock, including Chris Quinn (Miami), Kevin Young (Phoenix), and Jodie Fernandez (Sacramento). The embarrassment for Detroit fans would be immense if they let them go and hired Ollie as head coach.

There aren’t many success stories of coaches coming from the college ranks. Brad Stevens (Boston) is a case in point, and Billy Donovan (Chicago) is hard to judge.

The rest of the coaches have a dismal track record. The most recent college league hire, John Beilein at the University of Michigan, lasted less than a season before being fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A college head coach is a risk in and of itself, and Ollie’s college track record is far from stellar. There are plenty of head coaching candidates out there, so why did Detroit stick with Ollie, and what was it about him that made them so happy? It’s certainly a baffling development from an outsider’s perspective.

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