NCAA Tournament ‘March Madness Start’ Round of 68 Confirmed!

The NCAA NCAA ‘March Madness’ starting 68th round was announced on the 13th (Korean time).

In the United States, the bracket of college basketball is called ‘Bracketology’ as if it were an academic word. Bracket means parenthesis, but in sports, it refers to a match.

When the round of 68 is announced, countless Americans look at the bracket at work and predict who will win. Finishing all the matches is harder than the odds of winning the lottery. This is because the number of cases is infinitely derived.

In 2014, Warren Buffett, an investor known as the sage of Omaha, bet a billion dollar prize to a fan who matches all of the round of 68 matches. Of course, no one got it all right. Even if the candidates for the championship are guessed, there is still no case where they have completed the first round, round of 16, quarterfinals, and semifinals. The odds of getting all 68 rounds right are 1 in 9.2.

During the time of President Barack Obama, who was a basketball fanatic, an ESPN host visited the White House and held an annual event to select the winning team. When criticism came out that it focused only on men’s basketball, it also picked candidates for the championship in the women’s college basketball bracket. Former President Obama has two daughters.

Women’s colleges have the same 68-round system as men’s. In the round of 68, four teams are eliminated in the first ‘First Four’, and only when the round of 64 is reached, the full-fledged tournament begins.

College basketball plays a huge role in the United States. It is a reality that many fans are passionate about college football. However, most colleges have teams in basketball, and football is large and small colleges do not. The base of women’s college basketball is also considerable. South Carolina women’s head coach Don Staley signed a seven-year, $22.4 million contract, the most in women’s basketball history.

The NCAA Tournament is divided into four divisions: East (#1 seed Purdue), West (Kansas), Midwest (Houston), and South (Alabama). The overall No. 1 seed this year is Alabama (29 wins and 5 losses), a prestigious football team. The first game of the tournament kicks off on the 14th with the 16th seed Southeast Missouri State (19-16) versus Texas A&M Corpus Cree City (23-10). 스포츠토토

There are 350 colleges and universities in NCAA Division I. Of these, only 68 schools advance to the tournament. Advancement in the tournament itself is a needle hole. 32 schools are conference championship winning schools, and the remaining 36 schools are called at-large and are selected by the NCAA selection committee. Kennesaw State (26-8), located in Georgia, had the honor of advancing to the tournament for the first time since its establishment.

Prestigious basketball schools such as Pack 12 UCLA (29-5) and SEC Kentucky (21-11) advance to the tournament if the win rate is high even if they do not win the conference championship. This is because it recognizes the competitive schedule of the conference itself.

The NCAA Tournament was launched in 1939 and is celebrating its 84th year this year. The school with the most wins is UCLA with 11. It is followed by Kentucky 8 times, North Carolina 6 times, and Duke 5 times. The defending champion is Kansas. He won four championships in his career. He failed to advance to the North Carolina tournament, where he won 20-13 this season.

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