‘Ninth place fall’ Gas Corporation loses 8 matches to coaches Jo Sang-hyun and Dong-hyun

 When Korea Gas Corporation meets twin coaches, it cannot use its strength at all.

Daegu KOGAS bowed its head 86-93 in a home game against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 22nd. KOGAS, which failed to rebound even after the break, fell into a three-game losing streak. Gas Corporation recorded 12 wins and 19 losses, and was pushed out of the win rate without a ride, giving Wonju DB 8th place and dropping to 9th place.

Gas Corporation had a confrontation with Changwon LG on the 20th. Ahead of this game, KOGAS coach Yoo Hoon said, “LG ​​and Hyundai Mobis (in the confrontation) both lost 3, so we prepared.”

KOGAS, which played the fewest games before the All-Star break, could rebound if it won both LG and Hyundai Mobis, which had never won a match in the season. If they actually won, they would be in 7th place, one game away from 6th place Jeonju KCC.

However, the result was a losing streak on the contrary, and the ranking rather fell to 9th place.

Gas Corporation has not won a single win in eight confrontations with LG and Hyundai Mobis this season. Gas Corporation is the only one to record 4 losses against 2 teams this season.

Moreover, the directors of LG and Hyundai Mobis are the twin directors Jo Sang-hyun and Cho Dong-hyun. Gas Corporation is unable to use its power when it meets the twin directors.

Asem Marey for LG and Gage Prim for Hyundai Mobis have a common point of keeping the bottom of the goal reliably. 토토사이트

In addition, KOGAS suffered 4 consecutive losses in the confrontation with LG and Hyundai Mobis last season, and the opponent record was the same 2 wins and 4 losses. They are on a 4-game losing streak this season as well.

Gas Corporation has not been able to win against all clubs after being defeated by a specific team from the 2019-2020 season, including the predecessor E-Land. This season, if you can’t avoid being weak against LG and Hyundai Mobis, there is no victory against the former club again.

Can KOGAS win against LG and Hyundai Mobis led by twin brothers? Gas Corporation will face LG on the 8th of next month and Hyundai Mobis on the 16th.

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