“obstacle? Just the same child” Participated in Samsaengcho’s first national competition, Kang San-yi’s ‘growth period’

There is an elementary school with only 22 students. Samsaeng Elementary School in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do. One student participated in the National Disabled Students Sports Festival. And they are receiving support from all students. The main character is Kang San-yi (10).

The 17th National Disabled Students Sports Festival is being held in Ulsan Metropolitan City from the 16th. A team of 3,479 (1,639 players, 1,840 executives and officials) representing 17 provinces and cities across the country participated and competed fiercely.

Since it is a competition, grades are inevitably important. But ranking isn’t everything. Nor should it be. There is one player who is a little special. Kang San-i, a representative of Gangwon-do, participated in the swimming elementary school.

On the 17th, he competed in the men’s elementary backstroke 50m S14 and freestyle 50m S14. In the freestyle, he placed 5th in the heats. Sex itself is not special. However, it is noticeable that he is a player who is loved by everyone around him.

The Korea Sports Association for the Disabled operates the official website for this event. You can leave messages of support for each player here. Support poured out to Kang San-yi. It’s about to turn a few pages.

“I’m proud of the way I finished the race”, “I’m so proud to have gone to the national competition”, “I competed in the national competition for the first time at Samsaeng Elementary School. Articles such as “I’m proud of you” piled up and piled up.

It is a school with 22 students and 8 teachers. It is located in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do. it is a small school There are no special classes either. Kang San-yi is taking classes and living with other non-disabled students. He is receiving a lot of love from all students and teachers. Kang San-yi also likes school very much.

Kang San-yi’s mother said, “It was my first time participating. Originally, she is not good at skills, but she participated in the level of gaining experience. Her older brother, older sister, and friends at her school wrote cheering phrases, saying, ‘San-E is the pride of our school.’ She gathered at school and cheered us on together. The principal came all the way to Ulsan to cheer us on. She is loved so much,” she laughs.

She lived in Incheon and moved to Hongcheon, Gangwon-do for her children. She said, “My son couldn’t speak at all until he was 7 years old. She lived in Incheon before heading to Hongcheon. She found it difficult to be in the company of many children. She liked to play alone.”

She also said, “The principal, who was there before, set her mission every morning, such as greeting her and asking if she had eaten. He allowed the students to talk to him one more time. Now, the principal also allows the children and San-E to be together with her love and consideration.”

In addition, “Samsaengcho does not have a special class. Learn with regular students. I am getting so much love at school. I want to go to school every morning. Even though there is a special school right in front of my house, I am attending school at the beginning of my third life while riding the school bus,” she laughed.

Exercise helps a lot. “I came out of the national competition through sports, and I met a lot of other friends. I was also able to meet other mothers. Right now it’s a disabled student’s competition, but wouldn’t it be possible to hang out with non-disabled students later? Exercise seems good. I intend to do it consistently,” he said.

Principal Noh Hyun-soo of Samsaengcho is also busy praising Kang San-yi. I came down from Hongcheon to Ulsan to watch and cheer for the competition. After the race, he smiled brightly and hugged him.

Principal Noh Hyun-soo said, “You don’t know how pretty she is. Our school doesn’t have many students. So you can get more help. Teachers pay a lot of attention. I am learning the same while staying with regular students. I think being at our school would be more helpful than going to a special class,” he explained.

Regarding participating in the competition, “It was very nice to see the little changes. I was really proud to be able to go to the competition. Participation in the event itself was significant. It is a process of development, a process of growing.”

“I think that after going through this process well, they will grow up just like non-disabled children. Preferably, it is expected to grow well. it’s our child I will take good care of you in the future,” he said vigorously.

Raising and managing students is important for any school. Even more so if you have a student with a disability. After all, the role of the principal, the head of the school, is inevitably important. They take care of students to the extent that they come directly to the venue. However, principal Noh Hyun-soo backtracked, saying, “Teachers are working hard.”토스카지노

Because of Sanyi Kang, other students also learn. “We are influencing each other. Since the number of students in the whole school is so small, it is impossible not to have exchanges. Everyone takes good care of it, and San E also takes care of it. We have a good influence on each other,” he explained.

“Kids are learning to be considerate of others. It does not differentiate between disabled and non-disabled people. Here, they are just students and children living together. Isn’t it ‘matching’? I don’t think of it as something special. are living the same I think it would be right for special education to go like this after all,” he reiterated. 

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