On the last day, 3 hits and 3 RBIs, Hanwha Kim In-hwan, who took away stress from long hits, “I learn a lot from senior Chae Eun-seong”

I was a little worried.

A 29-year-old center hitter in his second year of full-time, there were few cool hits in the demonstration game. Until March 27 against Daegu Samsung Lions, he had only 6 hits without a home run. After hitting two hits in the first game against the KIA Tigers on March 13, he went hitless in three consecutive games. In his at-bat, the sense of intimidation that had strongly pressed the opposing pitcher had diminished. Even if the exhibition games were part of the process of preparing for the regular season, the players themselves would have to be conscious.

I broke this frustrating flow on the last day. In the final game against Samsung on the 28th, he scored 3 hits. It was his first multi-hit game since the match against KIA on the 13th.

Kim In-hwan, who started as the 6th-1st baseman, got a hit through the rain in his first at-bat in the first inning. It was right after Noh Si-hwan hit a three-run homer in the fifth. There was no follow-up hit, but it was a hit that continued the atmosphere.

The starting point of the 3rd inning was Kim In-hwan. He hit a timely hit with 1 RBI from 1st out and 1st and 2nd bases. Hanwha, who scored an extra point with a 4-1 lead, hit Samsung starter Won Tae-in.

It exploded again in the third at-bat in the fourth inning. Chae Eun-seong in number 3 and No Si-hwan in number 5 hit hits, 1 company, 1st and 2nd base. This time, he hit two RBIs and a double against Yang Chang-seop, a member of the Samsung 5-man starting lineup.

4 at-bats, 3 hits, 3 RBIs. On the last day of the exhibition game, the pressure built up so far was blown away. He even hit his first slugging hit. 스포츠토토

Last year, he appeared like a ‘comet’ and established himself as a key hitter. This year, it is also an axis of the center line. Chae Eun-seong – Brian O’Gredi – Roh Si-hwan, the role of supporting the 3rd to 5th clean trio.

burden less than before. Chae Eun-seong, who has good clutch ability, and O’Grady, who has power, added strength to the center line. Noh Si-hwan, who had an injury gap, maintains the best hitting feeling.

Kim In-hwan, who joined the first team late in May of last year, hit ’16 homers’. While Noh Si-hwan was out with an injury, he played as the fourth hitter. He emerged as a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year, but unfortunately missed out due to slow pace in the second half.

This year, from the 1st team camp to the demonstration game, the preparation process went smoothly.

Kim In-hwan said, “As I entered the demonstration game, I heard a lot of advice, ‘It will be burdensome because it is the second year of the first team, so take it easy.

The team has changed a lot. Veterans are taking center stage. Kim In-hwan said, “The seniors set the standard and the juniors follow suit, and it feels like the team is getting stronger. In particular, Chae Eun-seong has a lot to imitate. I’m learning a lot.”

The 2023 season kicks off in three days.

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