Opening of Dream Program… Overseas invitation in 3 years

The Dream Program is being held in Gangneung and Pyeongchang to provide opportunities to experience winter sports to teenagers in countries where there is no winter.

It is an event that has established itself as an Olympic legacy while helping to attract the 2018 Winter Olympics, and it is being held normally three years after the spread of Corona 19.

Reporter Jo Yeon-joo reports.


Skating lessons are in full swing on the ice.

These are teenagers from Africa who are trying skates for the first time.

It’s hard to stand properly right now, but hold on to the railing and move forward one step at a time.

Teenagers who are learning to ski and snowboard are clumsy but slowly slide down the snowfield.

This is a ‘Dream Program’ for foreign youth who have difficulty experiencing winter sports.

[Rakan/Fiji : “(Skiing) was very difficult, but the instructors taught me well, so it’s easy now.”]

About 130 teenagers from 32 countries participated in this year’s Dream Program.

In the aftermath of the corona, the program was conducted for foreign youths in Korea, but the overseas invitation event was held again in three years. 토토

More than 100 players have been produced through the Dream Program, which started in 2004.

One Mongolian athlete from the Dream Program participated in the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

The Pyeongchang Memorial Foundation expects many athletes from the Dream Program to participate in the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games to be held next year.

[Soundbite] Park Jin-seup/2018 PyeongChang Memorial Foundation Sports Business Team : “The biggest goal and achievement of the Dream Program is that the athletes who participated in it can achieve results by participating in various international competitions.”] The

Dream Program participants will stay until the 17th. In addition to winter sports, we plan to continue various Korean cultural experiences and visits to local culture.

This is the KBS News assistant.