Pepper Oh Ji-young, ‘prohibited from participating in family games’ continues… New rules after season

Due to the terms of the trade contract, professional volleyball Pepper Savings Bank Oh Ji-young will not be able to play against GS Caltex this season.

The Korean Volleyball Federation cannot change the contracts that have already been signed, so the new rules will be prepared after the season.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


Pepper Savings Bank’s libero Oh Ji-young will not be able to play the rest of the game against her former team, GS Caltex스포츠토토 .

This is because the Korean Volleyball Federation decided to maintain the terms of the contract signed when Oh Ji-young was transferred until the end of this season.

Oh Ji-young was transferred from GS Caltex in December of last year to Pepper Savings Bank, which is at the bottom of the league in desperate need of strengthening defense.

However, as Oh Ji-young did not appear in the game of her parents’ team, the contents of the contract between the two clubs emerged as a controversial issue.

The problem was the provision that Oh Ji-young could not participate in the game of his former team, GS Caltex.

Criticism grew louder that the right to play was taken away from a player whose record was important for the club’s interests.

The federation, which approved the contract, requested an authoritative interpretation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The federation

said in a press release, “The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (the matter) has recommended institutional improvement measures as the rights and interests of players may be infringed or fair competition between clubs may be hindered.”

We have decided to come up with new regulations for the protection of players’ rights and fair competition.

However, it is difficult to retroactively apply the rules that will be supplemented in the future to Oh Ji-young’s trade,” and decided to accept the existing contract as it is

. It seems difficult

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