“Please implement robot umpiring!” Hayes complains to umpire “You gave me a chance to hit a home run”…grounder turns into strike three

The worst call in Major League Baseball (MLB) this season happened on Nov. 11.

It happened in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ game against the Atlanta Braves on April 11. Trailing 2-5 in the eighth inning, Pittsburgh third baseman Bryan Hayes faced reliever Minter. With the count 3-1, Minter threw a pitch that was well outside the strike zone.

Without listening to the umpire’s call, Hayes threw his bat back and tried to walk to first base, but the umpire called a strike. Hayes had a look of disbelief on his face. Eventually, Hayes struck out. What should have been a perfect pitch was turned into a strikeout.

An angry Hayes posted a video of the call on social media after the game, saying, “Some umpires don’t really care. The call on a 3-1 pitch was nowhere near that. I held him accountable after the game and his response was ‘I gave you a chance to hit a home run’. I’m not responsible. Please implement ABS,” he posted.먹튀검증

“ABS” refers to the automated ball-strike system used throughout minor league baseball. It’s essentially robotic umpiring.

However, MLB’s robotic umpiring system will not be implemented until at least 2024.

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