Renewing the contract, which he thought would be difficult for himself, but coach Seol Ki-hyun, who got the opportunity, “I will get results with the soccer I want to do” 

“I thought it would be difficult to renew the contract.”

Gyeongnam FC coach Seol Ki-hyun attended a media camp press conference held at Arina Hotel in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 15th and talked about his feelings and determination for the new season.

Coach Seol has led the team for the past three seasons, but has failed to achieve outstanding results. He has spent three years in the K-League 2 with the equivalent of 2nd place in personnel expenses, but he still has not been promoted. Last year, the season ended in the playoffs. He never had a chance to get promoted. It seemed that renewing the contract was not easy as he had been walking in place for a long time. Seoul E-Land, in a similar situation, replaced the manager. Director Seol himself said, “I couldn’t reach the final goal.스포츠토토 He thought it would be difficult to renew the contract,” he said, so it seemed natural for him to take responsibility and leave.

Nonetheless, coach Seol got another chance. There was a cold gaze from the public and protests from fans, but even in 2023, Gyeongnam’s command tower is Seol. Now we have to produce results. There are no more excuses.

The method Seol chose to achieve the result is to increase the degree of completion. Coach Seol’s idea is that he should come up with the color he wants by finding improvements based on his 3 years of soccer experience. “I have been leading the team for four years. He needs to sort out what he lacked. I’m not enough as a director. It is also necessary to make up for shortcomings and admit wrongdoing,” he said. “I think it was good to form players and lead the team in one direction. We need to make it more complete. I learned what works and what doesn’t in 3 years. It is important to keep trying. I don’t know how long it will take, but I’ll do it until I can. I think playing the soccer you want to play more clearly is ultimately more competitive. I want to play perfect soccer. If you do that, the results will follow.”

As he said, Gyeongnam has changed the composition of players for three years as coach Seol envisioned. Now entering his fourth year, coach Seol is preparing for the new season by building the squad he wanted. He said, “There are only three or four players who were there in the first season. The composition of players that suits the soccer I want to play is being made. I think the composition of our team this year is the best. They haven’t brought in big name players, but there are good players across each position. The young players have also grown a lot. Looking at the interior, I think the reinforcement has been done well. It is a well-balanced composition. I look forward to it,” he said.

Last year, Gyeongnam scored 63 goals, but the goal difference was zero. It was the team that allowed the third most goals in the league with a whopping 63 runs. Coach Seol said, “Last year, as many goals were scored, so many goals were conceded. He needs to build a defense organization while taking advantage of his strengths. Good teams attack based on defensive stability. We are also trying to strike a good balance,” he said, saying that the goal is to reduce the number of runs.

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