Rising cheerleaders! Did you know that basketball was selected? Kim E-seo Cheerleader

Cheerleader Kim Yi-seo, the main character of this interview, is one of the most popular cheerleaders. He is enjoying tremendous popularity day by day to the extent that his Instagram followers explode every day. However, this Kim Yi-seo cheerleader has a unique history of being a ‘basketball player’. I brought the story of Kim Yi-seo, a cheerleader who returned to the court as a cheerleader rather than a player.

Elected Cheerleader?

As explained earlier, cheerleader Kim Yi-seo has a unique career as a former basketball player. Normally, questions about cheerleading would come first, but this time it was different. So, how did you come to play basketball?

“I think it was when I was in my first year of middle school. The coach of the basketball club saw me and asked if I had any plans to play basketball because I was tall. The coach persuaded my parents. I decided to make him play basketball and threw it (?) in the dormitory. (Laughs) When I was in elementary school, I used to go to basketball class on weekends and play with my friends, but that’s how I suddenly started playing basketball.”

However, basketball, which started suddenly, was not suitable for cheerleader Kim Yi-seo. It must have never been easy to join an elite basketball team and play basketball just because you are tall. In the end, cheerleader Kim Yi-seo quickly quit basketball and started looking for a new path.

“It didn’t last that long. I couldn’t adapt well. If I was a regular sports person, I would have been able to adapt, but I didn’t. It’s hard to play basketball with friends who are preparing players with the skills I used to play with in basketball class. I was always out of breath just running around to warm up. So, while feeling stressed, I thought this path was not my path, so I quit. I think I did it for about two years.”

If so, I have a question about this. What is Kim Yi-seo’s basketball skills? Although she quit right away, she had only been playing elite basketball for two years, so she couldn’t help but wonder about her current basketball skills. 

“Right now… wouldn’t it be enough to make free throws easily?

It was Sookmyung Girls’ Middle School where cheerleader Lee Seo Kim played her basketball during her school days. Among the athletes she worked with at the time, she said, there are athletes who are currently active in the professional world. The main character is Lee Jae-won, who is playing for Woori Bank.

Lee Jae-won, who went through Sookmyung Girls’ Middle School and Sookmyung Girls’ High School, was not nominated in the 2019 draft, but later entered the professional stage by joining Shinhan Bank as a trainee. Afterwards, Lee Jae-won, who continued his career as a player at Shinhan Bank, transferred to Woori Bank this season and continues his active career. 

“Among my friends who played basketball together, Jaewon is the only one who continues to play basketball and is a professional player. When I go on a pinch hit for Jaewon’s team, he calls me to say he’s happy. In middle school, Jaewon was the captain. . Seeing him play like this in a professional game is amazing and also a sense of pride. Please tell me that you hope to become the WKBL’s top player in salary someday!”

Kim Yi- seo, a cheerleader who came to the court to return as a cheerleader,

finished her short basketball career. The new thing that came into the eyes of Kim Yi-seo, a cheerleader, was dancing. 

“I was thinking about what to do after quitting basketball, so I wanted to dance. At that time, my best friend was in a dance club, and it looked so cool. People were practicing. I accidentally met a kite and started as a trainee, so when the unnies couldn’t go to the game, I started this job by joining instead.” 

Of course, there were many difficulties when learning to dance for the first time. However, cheerleader Kim Yi-seo, who gradually became interested in it, gradually fell for the charm of dancing. 

“I was so stiff, so when I learned to wave, I learned by dividing my head, chest, and arms. But my hands kept bending, so I wrapped them tightly with tape to fix them and practiced. It was so much fun while doing that. I felt like I had become a really cool person.”

If so, would you have never danced before?

“I went to a ballet academy for a while when I was 5?

If you did ballet, it’s hard to be stiff… When I asked how much ballet you did, the answer came back with a bright smile and “A day!” Um… yes… A day is a short time anyway… It’s not wrong…

Anyway, Kim Yi-seo is a cheerleader who started stepping into the world of cheerleading like that. However, when she started doing this, her parents, especially her father, were strongly against it. “At first, when I said I was learning to dance, my dad made fun of me. He said it was the first time I’d ever seen a stiff kid like

you~ Dad usually speaks a little louder?

Even when I said I would be a leader, my dad objected. I promised to study with him when I quit basketball. But when I said I would dance, he objected. In fact, he’s not particularly fond of it even now. But since I said I would continue to do it, he objected. They told me to show that passion with my test scores. They said that if I got 80 points or more in math, I would give permission, so I studied hard and got 80 points or more.”

Next, cheerleader Kim Yi-seo starts complaining out of the blue, saying that there was something unfair (?) in this regard. What was she so embarrassed about?

“Actually, this story of 80 points in math has been published as an article before. But at that time, there was a story like this in the comments, how bad your brain is, you can only talk about 80 points in math! It means (?). That’s why the exams at our school were so bad! It’s a place where the grades you gave for questions 1 and 2 really go back and forth, but I was hurt by comments like that.” (Laughter

) Those who hurt (?) cheerleader Kim Yi-seo, if you see this explanation, apologize at least via Instagram DM.

Anyway, after going through such a difficult (?) process, Kim Yi-seo, the cheerleader, was finally able to start this job. Coincidentally, the first place cheerleader Kim Yi-seo started working was at the basketball court. How did it feel to return to the basketball court where you played as a player in the past as a cheerleader?

“At first, it was a bit awkward. I felt awkward dancing on the court where I always warmed up and ran around. It felt like I had to wipe the floor with a burlap sack. I was going in after wiping, but I felt like I had to wipe before dancing.”

Cheerleaders who are new to basketball often have to learn the rules from the beginning. However, this was not the case for cheerleader Kim Yi-seo at all. Cheerleader Kim Yi-seo also mentioned her extraordinary love for basketball.

“Yes! I know all the rules quickly(?). But again, when I try to explain it to the cheerleaders around me, I’m not good at explaining it. I know it well by myself, but it was difficult to explain because I don’t have enough words around me. So, I used to tell only the big picture.”

“I think I feel more comfortable in basketball because I know the rules more closely than I do in other sports. The basketball court feels a bit like home to me? Oh! That’s a great word! Right?”

I thought I would be disappointed if I said no, so I hurriedly agreed. So, with her self-praise, to the next question…

Crisis that came along with Corona

The time when cheerleader Kim Yi-seo returned to the court as a cheerleader was when she was in high school. He was born in 2000 and is quite young, but he is a cheerleader who has accumulated quite a bit of years. Then, what is the charm of her job as a cheerleader that she feels?

“When the team I support does well and goes to the playoffs or wins, I feel proud because I feel like I contributed even a little bit. Also, it’s amazing to see direct cams and articles that take pictures of me come out. A lot of people’s interest. I think receiving love from fans is a charm. Sometimes, when fans send messages of support via DM, I feel more proud.”

Even she had her moments of crisis. She started to take direct damage as the corona started. Corona is Kim E-seo cheerleader, who suddenly lost her job as season after season of professional sports during her early days was canceled. 

She couldn’t just wait in that situation. In the end, cheerleader Kim Yi-seo waited for the situation to improve while working part-time at a PC room and a restaurant. Recently, this aspect has also become a hot topic. 

“The season was stopped because of the corona. I had to work anyway to make a living, so I was looking through a part-time job site and saw a PC room opened near my house. So, I started because I wanted to earn a living by working part-time until the season started. .”

Wouldn’t male customers have gathered like clouds in that PC room? However, after checking the identity, it was said that there was no such thing. And the reason why cheerleader Kim Yi-seo explained is also unusual. 

Kim Yi-seo: At that time, it wasn’t very popular. I used to wear a mask, and you know that PC rooms are almost restaurants these days, right? I should have made a lot of different dishes, but even when I made it, it was so delicious! Also, our boss was very kind. It was so delicious that I ate a lot every day and gained a lot of weight.
Rookie: Didn’t you feel resentful about the situation at that time?
Kim Yi-seo: It wasn’t like that. While resting, I went to college and met various friends. When you do cheerleading, the people you see are always the same. But as I went to school and met other people, it was new. On the contrary, there were some good parts.온라인바카라

Oh, by the way, cheerleader Kim Yi-seo changed her name after starting cheerleading. Her name before her name change was Nayoung. Her previous name was pretty enough, so why did she change her name?

“I have a younger brother who is now 18 months old. Before he was born, my parents went to pick a name for me and they must have asked for my name as well.

“I didn’t have much objection to the name change, and I liked it. Changing the name seems to work out better. Currently, I’m satisfied with about 90%. The remaining 10% I have to make up for in the future.”

After changing his name, he became one of the most popular cheerleaders, so it might have worked. Anyway, after greeting the fans, I finished a pleasant interview with cheerleader Kim Yi-seo. 

“Actually, it’s scary because the number of followers increases steadily by 1,000 per day. I think it’s scary because I suddenly get so much attention, and I think it could suddenly drop. I would appreciate it if you give it to me and like it~~!”

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