Sangmu Kim Cheon Changwon 1st field training… 2nd field training is captain

From January 15th, Kim Cheon Sangmu’s professional football team will  start winter training in preparation for the 2023 season  . Kim Cheon Sangmu, who prepared team training 

with the newly formed coaching staff,  will start preparing for the 2023 season in earnest through the 1nd battery training in  Changwon, Gyeongnam from January 15th to 31st  . New players such as Cho Young-wook, Won Doo-jae, and Kang Hyeon-moo, who are enlisting on January 16,  are expected to join in earnest in the second field training held in Busan  from February 1  . Following the 1st Gyeongnam field training,  Sangmu Kim’s winter training, heading to Busan Gijang  with the start of February, is scheduled to end on February 23rd.카지노

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