Seo Yo-seop of ambition vs. Park Sang-hyun of dignity.. Who will win in the end?

Seo Yo-seop, a long hitter, made it to the final round with a one-stroke lead at the DB Insurance Promy Open (total prize money of 700 million won), the opening match of the Korean Tour. However, it is difficult to predict the direction of victory as veteran Park Sang-hyun, who has gone through all the battles, is leading by two strokes.

The 3rd round of the tournament was held on the 15th in the rain at the old course (par 72) of Ravier Bell CC in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. Seo Yo-seop took 4 birdies without a bogey, and with a median total of 14 under par and 202 strokes, he led Gogun-taek, who was in second place, by one stroke. Seo Yo-seop maintains an overwhelming appearance by demonstrating his trademark slugging power and leading all three days on a highly difficult competition course.

Seo Yo-seop did not catch a single birdie in the first half of the moving day. However, the turning point was that he managed to save a par in the ninth hole. Afterwards, he made two consecutive birdies on the 11th and 12th holes and the 15th and 16th holes. Seo Yo-seop said after the game, “My tee shot was pushed to the right on the 9th hole and the layup was not accurate, but fortunately the putt went the way I wanted and I managed to save a par. After that, his mood changed, and he got his first birdie at the 11th hole, and it went well after that.”

Seo Yo-seop, who has 5 wins on the Korean Tour, is eager to win this tournament held by his main sponsor (DB Insurance). Seo Yo-seop said, “I will definitely win the championship to repay my main sponsor who always gives me generous support,” and “I will forget the results of the past 3 days. I think of it as a new start and will do my best in each hole. Park Sang-hyun and Ko Gun-taek, who will play in the championship group, both have excellent skills, but they are confident.”

Ko Gun-taek, who has yet to win the Korean Tour, rose to second place by one stroke with a clean play of 6 birdies without a bogey on Moving Day. Go Gun-taek is being evaluated by his colleagues as “a player who does not only win, but has excellent skills”. 카지노사이트

Veteran Park Sang-hyun, who defended the title, cut 4 strokes with 5 birdies and 1 bogey to record a median total of 12 under par, 204 strokes, and tied for 3rd place with rookie of the year Bae Yong-joon last year. There is a good chance of a come-from-behind victory as he is 2 strokes behind the leader Seo Yo-seop. Park Sang-hyun overcame a 5-stroke inferiority last year and won the championship. Park Sang-hyun said, “There is no need for second or third place. The goal, of course, is to win. He wants to become the first player in the history of the tournament to achieve two consecutive victories,” he said.

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