Seoul Samgwang Elementary School coach Hong Sa-boong, leading to the semifinals in the first tournament

Coach Hong Sa-bung put Seoul Samgwangcho in the semifinals in the first tournament after taking office.

Seoul Samgwangcho lost 28-50 to Song Jeongcho in the semi-finals of the 22nd National Elementary School Basketball Tournament held at Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 24th. Seoul Samgwangcho, coached by Hong Sa-bung, boasted a solid organization, beating opponents one after another from the preliminaries to the quarterfinals, but was blocked by Songjeongcho and finished the tournament in the quarterfinals.

After the game with Song Jeong-cho, coach Hong Sa-bung expressed deep regret, saying, “It’s a pity,” and said, “It’s more regrettable that we lost without trying anything. After he took office, he finished his first competition, but there is more regret than joy. I am planning to participate in the boys’ sports event, but I will make up for the lack of this competition so that I do not make mistakes repeatedly,” he said after finishing the competition.

Coach Hong Sa-bung took over as coach of Seoul Samgwangcho, following coach Jeon Byeong-joon, who recently took the helm of the 3×3 women’s national team. The National Elementary Basketball Championship is the first official tournament held by coach Hong Sa-bung after taking office. Considering that it is his first tournament after taking office, he put his first button well.

Coach Hong Sa-bung said, “It has been less than a month since he took office, so we focused on teamwork. He spent time encouraging me and instilling confidence.” 토토사이트

Seoul Samgwangcho dreams of a change in team color with the appointment of coach Hong Sa-bung. When asked what team color he plans to wear on the team, he said, “I want to quickly switch between offense and defense, and I am emphasizing basketball that moves more in defense. And I plan to teach the children the importance of man-to-man defense. Only when man-to-man defense is good can you understand the overall defense path well and creative play can come out at the same time. It’s been a while since we’ve been together yet, so I’m going to take a long look and put my own color on it.”

In the quarterfinals held the day before, he played against his former team, Beol Malcho, as enemies. Coach Hong Sa-bung said, “I met Beolmal by chance (laughs). I think it’s the same team because it’s a world of competition.” I will cheer for you from afar”, conveying a message of support.

At the same time, coach Hong Sa-bung said, “I have said this repeatedly before, but personally, I want to make a team with solid fundamentals. I believe that a team with solid basic skills will allow children to play the basketball they want even after going to middle school, high school, and even going to the pros. For the time being, I want to focus on strengthening the basics.” He emphasized the importance of the basics.

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