Serious… Iranian player ‘hanged’ for human rights movement

It is news that

Iranian soccer player Amir Nasr Azadani could be executed.

On the 13th, the International Football Players Association (FIFPRO) said on its official SNS, “We are shocked and shocked to hear reports that Ajadani, a professional football player, is in danger of being executed after campaigning for women’s rights and basic freedoms in Iran. , We feel disgusted. We stand in solidarity with him and demand the immediate repeal of his punishment.”

The British ‘Daily Star’, citing a report by the Iranian media ‘Iran Wire’, further explained that Iran is trying to hang Azadani.

The reason Ajadani is facing the death penalty is because of his involvement in his death. Last month, Iran’s Colonel Esmail Cheragi was killed during the crackdown on anti-government protests, and Ajadani was reportedly involved in the incident. However, ‘Iran Wire’ pointed out the problem, saying that Ajadani and two others appeared on Iran’s state TV and were ‘forced’ to confess to the case. According to the media, Ajadani only participated in anti-government protests and chanted protest slogans for several hours. 토토사이트

Iran is currently experiencing anti-government protests. Protests began in Iran in September after a young woman named Mahsa Amini died in detention for not wearing a hijab, sparking anti-government protests. It started with excessive punishment for not wearing traditional clothes, and this protest is getting bigger and bigger, attracting a lot of attention from Iran as well as the international community.

This continued until the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Iranian national team players who participated in the World Cup refused to sing the national anthem in opposition to the state’s ruthless oppression. Asardar Azmoun, the ace of the Iranian national team, made remarks criticizing the Iranian government and had difficulty participating in the World Cup until just before the World Cup.

The problem was after that. It was reported that the national team players who refused to sing the national anthem could be executed after returning home. Fortunately, even after the Iranian national team was eliminated and returned home, there is no news so far.

Unlike this, however, Ajadani’s case is of great concern because he directly participated in the anti-government protests. Iran’s recent execution of an anti-government protester is a growing concern.

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