Shin Seung-min wins Park Chan-su by 1R KO… Victory’s Embrace with the ‘Mad Woman’

‘Gwangnam’ Shin Seung-min (29, Strong Gym) won the championship belt for the first time after 8 years of professional debut.

Park Chan-soo (26, 26 , Dia MMA) by KO.

Shin Seung-min seemed to lose the timing for the preemptive strike by Park Chan-soo’s jab and neck clinch. However, not losing concentration led to victory. As the distance narrowed and widened, he landed a left-handed punch on Park Chan-soo’s face.

The soccer kick was the decisive blow. A customized attack prepared for the black comeback stage, the only one in Korea where soccer kicks are allowed. Shin Seung-min poured a series of pounding hits at Park Chan-su, who had fallen, to secure victory.

Shin Seung-min climbed the cage fence and gave a roar in the thrill of victory, then ran to his girlfriend, ‘Mad Woman Kim Nam-hee,’ and hugged and shared the joy.

Shin Seung-min debuted as a pro in 2015, but had no relationship with the champion. However, he overturned the game with a single shot and became the main character of the day.

Shin Seung-min, who wrapped the championship belt around his waist and sobbed, stopped crying and sent a message saying, “Thank you to Park Chan-soo for playing the villain.” I’m happy to be able to meet you with a belt.”

Shin Seung-min called himself a long-term fighter. He promised, “If I run 100 meters, I get 14 seconds. I think I’m in this position because I’ve put in more effort with greater enthusiasm than anyone else for 9 years. I’ll develop further and go to 100%, my goal.” 먹튀검증

Park Chan-soo did not hide his regret. “This is my first KO loss. Every time I lose, I feel this, but I start to doubt my skills. It hurts me because I don’t think I’m the main character.”

Fans cheered for Park Chan-soo to be courageous, shouting, “It’s okay. You did a good job.”

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