Should I go see Seongjin Won and Jinseo Shin?

Byeon Sang-il 9-dan, who did not reach the challenge even after winning 7 wins and 1 loss twice. 38-year-old Won Seong-jin, 9th dan, whose dream is to make a brisk final against 9th dan Shin Jinseo before it’s too late.

In the second round match between the two knights who started off with victories in the first round side by side, Seongjin Won, 8th in the rankings, defeated Sangil Byeon, 3rd in the rankings, and won two consecutive victories (K Go Studio on the 9th). The opponent’s record was 3 wins and 9 losses based on Won Seong-jin.

All current indicators point to Byeon Sang-il’s 9th-dan advantage, but Song Tae-gon (9th-dan) and Ahn Hyeong-joon (5th-dan), who are in charge of the commentary for the 4th Sawfalcosanol Grand Final in K Baduk, both predicted Won Seong-jin’s 9th-dan advantage.

The impressive come-from-behind victory in the Myeongin Match in July of last year and the ability of Won Seong-jin 9th Dan were highly evaluated. The fact that it is a baduk game with a long time limit also played a role. Seong-Jin Won, 9th Dan, responded to this prediction, which could be said to be interesting, with a content close to a complete victory.

“It wasn’t easy to start, but I felt a little comfortable while holding it cleanly from the right to the bottom. Even so, it didn’t seem like a big difference, but the opponent thought the number with the center date was a handshake, so I thought it improved from then on.” 온라인카지노

It is Won Seong-jin’s 9th dan’s impression of the country. Regarding the fact that in the pre-interview, he said that he had to plan well while being aware of the opponent’s performance, he said, “I tried to avoid fights as much as possible and keep it thick. Since I have lost a lot of battles in the meantime, I tried to lead a long-term battle while avoiding melee as much as possible.”

1st Preliminary → 2nd Preliminary → Final Preliminary → Final League → 5th Challenge Stage The 4th Sawfalcosanol Grand Final, which competes for the title, has a prize money of 70 million won. Separately, 1.5 million won will be paid to the winner of each match in the final round, and 800,000 won to the loser.

The title holder is Shin Jin-seo, 9-dan, who has been losing three times in a row since the first year. The final league will continue next week with three rounds: Gunho Park – Changseok Lee (13th), Jeonghwan Park – Jeong Choi (14th), Seongjin Won – Jinsol Park (15th), Sangil Byeon – Minjun Shin (16th). The time limit is 2 hours, and the countdown is 1 minute 3 times.

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