South Korea’s men’s junior hockey team falls short of arch-rivals Malaysia… 2023 Asia Cup Group B qualifiers draw 2-2 with Bangladesh to reach the quarter-finals.

The Korea men’s junior hockey team lost to Malaysia 1-0 in the third match of their Group B qualifier at the 2023 Asia Cup at the Shultan Qaboos Youth Complex in Salalah, Oman, on Sunday (27 July).

With the loss, South Korea, who had finished top of the group ahead of Malaysia on goal difference the previous day, slipped to second place in the group.먹튀검증

South Korea will now face Bangladesh, the third-placed team in Group B, at 11.45pm on the 28th, depending on the outcome of the final four matches of the preliminary round.

South Korea has the same record as Bangladesh with two wins, one loss and six points, but has a much better goal differential of +10 to Bangladesh’s zero. At the very least, South Korea can qualify for the quarter-finals as second in Group B with a draw.

The game was a de facto group final for first and second place in Group B, and it was tight from the start.

After Malaysia’s Tangaraja scored a penalty corner goal in the 11th minute of the first quarter, both teams traded offences and went back and forth in a back-and-forth battle to end the second quarter scoreless.

At the start of the third quarter, the battle for dominance between Korea and Malaysia intensified, with Gong Yun Ho (Chosun University) and Wan Nazmeh (Malaysia) receiving green cards in the process.

After conceding another penalty corner in the 54th minute, South Korea found themselves down 0-2 when Shami Suhaimi scored a penalty corner goal, but they soon pulled within 1-2 in the 56th minute when Park Gun-woo (Korea Gymnastics) redirected a strong ground ball cross from the left flank to score.

However, a minute later, in the 57th minute, Korea conceded a penalty corner goal to Malaysia and eventually fell to their knees, 1-3.

The match will be broadcast on the FIH’s live streaming platform, Watch Hockey (free).

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