SSG Choi Ji-hoon, contract renewal at 300 million won… Park Seong-han 270 million won

 Choi Ji-hoon, who recorded a batting average of 30% and a double-digit home run for the first time since his debut in the KBO League, signed a new contract with an annual salary of 300 million won.

Professional baseball SSG Landers announced on the 24th that it had completed an annual salary contract with all 49 people eligible for renewal in 2023. 카지노

Choi Ji-hoon, who participated in all games (144 games) of the regular season last year and recorded a batting average of 30% (0.304) and double-digit home runs (10) for the first time since his professional debut, has increased his annual salary by 100% from 150 million won to 300 million won. Park Seong-han, who showed stable defense as a starting shortstop for consecutive years, signed an annual salary contract of 270 million won, an increase of 130 million won (92.9%↑) from 140 million won.

Choi Ji-hoon said, “It is personally very meaningful to be able to sign a contract with the club under good conditions by contributing to the team’s overall victory last year. Infielder Eui-san Jeon (77 games, 13 homers, OPS 0.797

), who showed potential as a next-generation giant in the first year of his debut, signed an annual salary contract of 90 million won (200%↑, 60 million won ↑), which is the club’s highest increase rate in the 2023 season. .

Seo Jin-yong, who played an active role as a closer with Pil Seung-jo last season, signed a contract for 265 million won (43.2%↑, 80 million won↑), and Oh Won-seok, who showed rapid growth in the starter and bullpen, signed a contract of 140 million won (115.4%↑, 75 million won ↑). and entered the 100 million won annual salary for the first time.

Veteran pitcher Noh Kyung-eun, who contributed to the combined championship, signed a contract for 170 million won (70%↑, 70 million won↑) and Ko Hyo-jun for 85 million won (112.5%↑, 45 million won↑).

In addition, SSG received 150 million won from Kim Min-sik (57.9%↑, 55 million won↑), 130 million won from Choi Min-joon (100%↑, 65 million won↑), and 50 million won from Choi Kyung-mo (66.7%↑, 20 million won↑). The 2023 season salary renewal has been completed.

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