‘Such a tragedy…’→PK blocked goalkeeper dies of ‘heart attack’ ‘shock’

 It’s unfortunate and unbelievable that a tragedy like this really happened… The goalkeeper saved the penalty, and he reportedly died of a heart attack shortly thereafter.

According to a recent report by the Daily Star, the 25-year-old goalkeeper died suddenly after making a penalty save.

The accident happened in the Belgian Football League. The club and players were deeply shocked by the sudden death of his colleague, and he is said to be grieving.

The protagonist of the tragedy is Arne Espil, the goalkeeper of the Winkel Sports Team, which ranks 13th in the Belgian Amateur First Division.

He reportedly collapsed on the ground and showed no signs of vitality after making a good save from opposing kicker Dave.

According to reports, he was not 스포츠토토knocked down by a ball in the chest, but was delighted to jump up after saving a penalty kick with a dive.

And the officials at the scene said that something truly unbelievable happened, suddenly falling to the ground. The match was immediately stopped.

As he fell, his teammates and all the players rushed and desperately gave him first aid to revive him. Even the medical team was put in, and he struggled to recover from cardiac arrest using a defibrillator.

He was immediately transported by ambulance and reached the hospital, but the goalkeeper was said to have passed away unfortunately.

The club released a statement of condolence, saying, “Arne has played for us since he was a child and everyone really liked him.”

“It is impossible to understand how something like this could happen to someone so young. He was a really healthy young player.”

“The ball was still in play,” said Winkel Sports assistant coach Stefan Dewochin. Our goalkeeper got up as fast as he could to catch the ball, but he collapsed. It was terrible,” he explained at the time of the accident.

The club’s sporting director, Patrick Rotsart, said: “It’s a tragedy and a shock for us. He has been with the club all his life and he is a very much loved player. He lamented, saying, “It’s a really big blow.”

The cause of death has not yet been determined and is expected to be determined through an autopsy.

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