Superman Jo Jae-ho vs Spain Palazon, Hulk Kang Dong-gung-Young-gun Lim Seong-gyun Semifinal Battle

Superman Jo Jae-ho and Spain Palazon, Hulk Kang Dong-gung and Young-gun Lim Seong-kyun will face each other in the semifinals.

Jo Jae-ho performed a splendid multi-hit show in the quarterfinals of the ‘2023 Crown Haetae PBA Championship’ held on the 7th (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center), defeated B-Roll Weimaz 3-1, and joined the semifinals in the last train

. Beat 3-1 and compete for the final with Spain’s Palazon, who advanced to the semifinals.

Kang Dong-gung defeated 61-year-old veteran Choi Jae-dong 3-0 and advanced to the semifinals.

Kang Dong-gung will play against 26-year-old 먹튀검증Lim Seong-kyun, who defeated 25-year-old Jeon In-hyeok 3-2 in the Young-Gun Showdown.

Cho Jae-ho won the first set 15:5 with 6 consecutive hits in 2 innings and 6 consecutive hits in 9 innings.

In the 2nd set, it seemed to be winning the game by 14:0 with 5 consecutive hits in 1 inning and 8 consecutive hits in 5 innings.

However, I was surprised by the wind that Wimaz chased after hitting 9 consecutive hits in 5 innings, but eventually scored a set point in 7 innings and won 15:11.

Once relaxed, Wimaz took the 3rd set with 7 consecutive hits in 4 innings, etc., at 15:12, and then in the 4th set, 3 consecutive hits in 3 innings, he pressed 7 consecutive hits, but Jo Jae-ho overcame it with 3 consecutive hits in 5 innings and 5 consecutive hits in 8 innings, 15:9 finished the game with

Kang Dong-gung also passed the quarterfinals with repeated hits. Won the first set 15:8 with 7 consecutive hits, the second set with 6 consecutive hits, 15:13 with 5 consecutive hits, and the third set 15:5 with 9 consecutive hits.

Palazon defeated Hwang Deuk-hee of ‘Perfect Q’ 3-1. At the beginning of the 4th set, it was 1:8, but after changing the flow to 4 consecutive hits in 5 innings and 5 consecutive hits in 10 innings, he wrote a match point with 2 consecutive hits in 10 innings. It was 15:11.

Lim Seong-kyun and Jeon In-hyuk fought a one-step battle. Lim Seong-gyun took the 1st and 3rd sets, and Jeon In-hyeok took the 2nd and 4th sets, and although they were pushed back and forth in the set fight, the inside content was tied and reversed repeatedly, and it was an interesting game.

Lim Seong-gyun, who was a little ahead in experience and continuous hitting ability, shot 8 consecutive hits in 5 sets and 4 innings, winning 11:6 and advancing to the first semifinal.

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