Suwon Samsung gave up on ‘Real Blue’ amidst criticism of ‘lower operation’, but there is something else that is really important

While Suwon Samsung seems to be dropping the ‘Real Blue’ policy that it has been insisting on for over 10 years, there is something more important than that.

‘Official Command Tower Vacancy’ Suwon plans to appoint a new manager within this week at the earliest. An official from Suwon said on the 1st, “(Director appointment) is in the final stage. I’m hurrying as much as possible. One of the final two candidates is coach Kim Byung-soo (former Gangwon FC).” 

Suwon, who barely survived last season’s relegation fight, fell into a ‘swamp of no wins’ this time. After playing 10 games in the 2023 season, they are currently in 12th place in the league’last’ with 2 draws and 8 losses and 2 points. The gap with 11th place Gangwon FC (2 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses, 10 points) is 8 points.

On the 17th, when Suwon had no victory in 7 games, it sacked coach Lee Byung-geun after a year and switched to the acting system of Choi Seong-yong, but only suffered 3 more defeats. In an urgent situation, Suwon has reached the end of the process of appointing a new coach.  

When coach Kim Byeong-soo, the ‘leading candidate’, announces the official selection of the Suwon command tower, from that point on, Suwon’s ‘Real Blue’ stance is cut off. 

Since 2010, Suwon has entrusted the baton to a ‘Legend’ from the club who understands the club’s identity and direction best. This is why it was called ‘Real Blue’ Suwon.

Starting with coach Yoon Seong-hyo in 2010, who first took the baton as a player from Suwon, Seo Jeong-won (2013-2018) – Lee Im-saeng (2019-2020) – Park Geon-ha (2020-2022) and Lee Byeong-geun, Suwon’s ‘pure blood’ followed  

The ‘Real Blue’ keynote, which contains Suwon’s own tradition, was not welcomed. During that period, there were no other achievements other than winning the FA Cup three times, so it is recognized as a ‘failure’. The club’s 4 K League 1 championships and 2 Asian Champions League (ACL) championships were all during the days of the first coaches Kim Ho-Cha Bum-geun (1995-2010). The downfall of Suwon is also due to the fact that the parent company’s full support has decreased day by day.

Even if Suwon’s ‘pure-bloodism’ is put to an end by manager Kim Byung-soo, it is questionable whether the image of ‘front soccer’ strongly embedded in Suwon will be removed.

Suwon has disgraced three coaches for about five years. It is the move of the front desk that can never be free from the perspective that the replacement of the manager is used as a shield for ‘sluggish grades’. The front desk, who has no regard for the future of the club, prefers a manager who is easy to handle and tries to cover up their incompetence.

On the 30th of last month, in a home game against Daegu FC (Suwon 0-1 loss), in the Suwon spectators’ seats, ‘The bottom performance is due to the bottom operation’, ‘The front desk, coaches, and players without ambition, get out immediately. Suwon always refuses to be third-rate. It is a well-known part that Suwon is a club that does not reflect the director’s will in the transfer market.  ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Even if coach Kim Byung-soo breaks the ‘Real Blue’ stance, if Suwon’s ‘front football’ does not disappear, the club’s rosy future is close to an illusion.

Going in the direction of empowering the command tower, such as granting full authority to the team reorganization to the ‘outsider’ coach, is the basis of Suwon’s ability to erase ‘front football’.

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