Suwon’s ‘Byeongsu Ball’ with a hole in ’21 seconds’ needs time

In many ways, I only saw ‘bitter taste’. This is the story of ‘Kim Byeong-su-ho and Suwon’ who have just lifted their anchor. 

Suwon Samsung, led by coach Kim Byung-soo, lost 0-3 to Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K-League 1 2023 Round 12 home game on the 10th. I tried to continue the momentum I had in the previous game against Incheon United (1-0 win), but it was not easy. 

This match was coach Kim Byung-soo’s Suwon debut. Coach Kim took the baton following former coach Lee Byeong-geun, who resigned due to poor performance, and from the 7th he directed the training of the Suwon team. It was three days after leading the team in earnest, and it was a real battle. 

‘Byungsoo Ball’ was not able to show its strength against Jeonbuk, which was sluggish this season. In 2019, coach Kim Byung-soo caused a sensation with his pass-oriented attacking football with high share while taking charge of Gangwon FC’s command tower.   

In Jeonbuk Jeon, the unique Byungsoo ball color was revealed. He also had the effect of conceding a goal to Moon Seon-min 21 seconds into the game, but he raised the final defensive line to the center line and worked on the attack. Leaving only two center backs, they aimed for the Jeonbuk goal in a 2-4-4 formation. The strong pressure trend, which had not been seen well in Suwon, also stood out. 

but it wasn’t efficient. I didn’t enjoy the effect of placing a large number in the attacking camp at all. Rather, it served as a platform for the opponent’s counterattack. Jeonbuk took advantage of Moon Seon-min, a Junjok, to aim for the wide back space of Suwon. Team pressure, one of the key elements of Byungsoo Ball, was also poor. Commentator Jung-hwan Yoon repeatedly pointed out that “Suwon is not timing the pressure well.” 

‘Byungsoo Ball’ is known as somewhat complicated soccer for players who are new to it. In order to use organic movement and systematic pressure in the attack that coach Kim Byung-soo pursues, tactical promises and understanding between players are essential. This is why Suwon players need time for the new ‘Byeongsu Ball’ to show its power.메이저사이트

The lack of a proper lineup was also a factor in the first game’s defeat. In Suwon, key members such as Kim Kyung-joong, Jeon Jin-woo, and Akosti have left due to injuries. To make matters worse, against Jeonbuk, even Basani suffered a knee injury. 

It also takes time to build a normal squad. Director Kim Byung-soo said, “I think it will be easy to form a member when the injured come in,” but “I feel like I’m trying to block empty positions now. I will try to find a good way,” he said.

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