‘Table Tennis Genius’ Cho Dae-seong KTTA Best Player Award… Seo Hyo-won X Jung Yeong-sik ‘Popular Award’

‘Table tennis genius’ Cho Dae-seong (Samsung Life Insurance) won the 2022 Korea Table Tennis Association (KTTA) Best Player Award.

The Korea Table Tennis Association held the ‘Seok City Development KTTA Awards 2022’ at the Grand Ballroom of the Sofitel Ambassador Hotel in Seoul on the afternoon of the 8th and awarded players (teams), referees, contributors, and employees who performed brilliantly last year. Sermiang Ng, vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Seung-min Yoo, president of the Korea Table Tennis Association (IOC member), Chang-seop Lee, chairman of Seok City Development, member of the National Assembly Jeong Park (Democratic Party), and member of the National Assembly Bae Hyun-jin (People’s Power) seated together.

The best player award, the highest honor of the day, went to Cho Dae-sung. Cho Dae-seong, a former table tennis prodigy, won a total of 9 먹튀검증international competitions, including the WTT European Summer Series Star Contender doubles championship last year, and won the men’s singles at the most prestigious competitions in Korea, such as the 75th National Championships and the 68th National Championships. swept Cho Dae-sung received a trophy and a prize of 1 million won. Cho Dae-sung proved his steady growth by winning the Best Player Award in four years following the Rookie Award in 2016 and the Outstanding Player Award in 2018. Mother Jang Yoon-jeong, who took the place of Cho Dae-seong, who was absent from the ceremony due to participating in the pro league, said, “I sincerely thank the president of the Korea Table Tennis Association and the leaders and officials for giving me a meaningful award. This award was given to Cho Dae-seong to work harder. I will know and be grateful.” She also shared her promise, “I went through a difficult time due to an injury, but I will always work hard to become a player who is sincere and does my best by recovering from the injury.”Meanwhile, Jang Woo-jin (Korea Armed Forces Sports Corps) received the Outstanding Athlete Award. Jang Woo-jin led the semifinals of the men’s team at the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships and performed like an ace, winning the Outstanding Player Award for the second consecutive year following last year. The male and female rookie awards were awarded to Oh Jun-seong (Mirae Asset Securities) and Kim Seong-jin (Dae Songgo). ‘Legend Oh Sang-Eun Mirae Asset coach’s 2nd generation’ Oh Jun-seong left a strong impression as the next-generation Korean table tennis ace by winning the general division singles at the 38th Presidential Competition during his freshman year in Daegwang before joining the unemployment team early. Kim Seong-jin also proved the future potential of women’s table tennis by defending the top of the high school division in competitions organized by the Korea Table Tennis Association, such as the National Sports Festival and the Presidential Flag.In addition, Anyang Girls’ Middle School and coach Yoon Ki-young, who swept all of the women’s mid-team group matches in the 6 national tournaments organized by the Korea Table Tennis Association held last year, won the Best Team Award and Best Leader Award. Pohang Jangwon Elementary School (Nam Elementary School), Uijeongbu Sae Mal Elementary School, Gyeongju Yonghwang Elementary School (Lee Sang Yeo Elementary School), Daejeon Dongsan Middle School (Nam Middle School), Duho High School (Nam High School), Daesong High School, Doksan High School (Lee Sang Girls’ High School), and Kyonggi University ( Men’s University), Changwon University (Women’s University), and POSCO International (Energy, Women’s General) received the Outstanding Group Award, and the team leaders also received the Outstanding Leader Award. The 2022 referee award was awarded to international referees Kwon Mi-kyung and Oh Bok-ja. In addition, Seo Hyo-won (Korea Racing Association) and Jung Young-sik (Mirae Asset Securities playing coach), who contributed to the popularity of table tennis through tvN’s table tennis entertainment ‘All Table Tennis’, won the Popularity Award.

On this day, the ‘Special Award’ award received the most special attention. The honor of the ‘Special Award’ was given to Choi Won-seok, former president of the Korea Table Tennis Association (former chairman of Dong-A Group), who led the heyday of table tennis in Korea. Chairman Choi led the golden age of Korean table tennis as the head of the Korea Table Tennis Association from August 1979 to May 1995. During his tenure, a total of more than 10 billion won was invested in table tennis. In particular, the national team who grew up through the table tennis gym built in Giheung with the goal of becoming the world leader in Korean table tennis won the Asian Games in 1986, the Olympics in 1988, and the Chiba World Championships in 1991 one after another, creating a miraculous game that surpassed the Great Wall of China. Work is still talked about like a ‘legend’.

Choi Yong-hyeok, president of Dong-A Broadcasting and Arts University, the “son of Chairman Chey,” who took the place of his father on the stage, conveyed Chairman Choi’s message instead. “My father was ill and couldn’t attend today, but he asked me to tell him that he was ‘thank you and honored’.

In addition, at the awards ceremony, achievement awards and best employee awards were presented to executives of each city, province, and federation, and a special award in the sports category was awarded to the winners of last year’s division league T2 and T3 leagues.

◇Seok City Development KTTA AWARDS 2022

▶Best Player Award = Cho Dae-seong (Samsung Life Insurance) ▶Best Player Award = Jang Woo-jin (Army Army Sports Corps) ▶Rookie Award = Oh Jun-seong (Mirae Asset Securities), Kim Seong-jin (Dae Song High School) ▶Best Team Award = Anyang Girls’ Middle School ▶Best Leader Award = Yoon Ki-young (Anyang Girls’ Middle School) ▶Excellent Group Award (Excellent Leadership Award) = Pohang Jangwon Elementary School (Choi Yoon-jeong), Uijeongbu Saemaulcho (Lee Ji-hye), Gyeongju Yonghwangcho (Park Hyeon-sook), Daejeon Dongsan Middle School (Cha Jong-yoon), Duho High School (Jang Se-ho), Daesong High School (Jung In-no), Doksan High School (Oh Yoon-jeong) ), Kyonggi University (Lee Jae-wook), Changwon University (Oh Yun-kyung), POSCO International (Jeon Hye-kyung) ▶ Popularity Award = Seo Hyo-won (Korea Racing Association), Jeong Young-sik (Mirae Asset Securities) ▶ Referee Award = Kwon Mi-kyung

? Former Dong-A Group Chairman) ▶Achievement Award = Yoo Hee-bok (Seoul Takhyup Chairman), Park Jong-woo (Busan Takhyup Chairman), Seo Jeong-hyeon (Incheon Takhyup Vice Chairman), Hyun Min-woo (Daejeon Takhyup Chairman), Yun Cheol-jin (Ulsan Takhyup Chairman), Son Chung-bae (Chungnam Takhyup Vice Chairman) , Seo Dong-geun (Vice President of Jeonnam Takhyup), Mal-boon Park (Vice President of Gyeongbuk Takhyup), Sang-bae Kim (Vice President of Jeju Takhyup), Myeong-yoon Baek (Elementary Federation Advisor), Hee-dae Koo (Vice President of Middle and High School Federation), Kang-seok Song (Vice President of University Federation), Moon-soo Kang (Vice President of Korea Table Tennis Association) ), Park In-sook (Korea Table Tennis Association referee), Oh Seong-hee (Korea Table Tennis Association referee) ▶Table Tennis Influence Award = All table tennis! ▶Best Employee Award = Lee Jong-san (International Team Manager), Ha Sang-geun (Division League/i-League General Manager)

▶ Division League Top Excellence Award = Women’s T2 Passion (Noh Mi-hwa, Moon Jeong-im, Song Min-kyung, Ha Jeong-hee), Men’s T2 Doubles (Jung Joon-young, Hwang Seong-bin) , Kim Do-yeop).

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