The ACL won by Urawa in Japan, the 2025 K-League Club World Cup qualification?

As Japan’s Urawa Reds rise to the top of the 2022 Asian Champions League (ACL), the outlines of the 2025 Club World Cup are slowly emerging.

Urawa won 1-0 thanks to an own goal by Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) in the second leg of the 2022 ACL Finals held in Saitama, Japan on the 6th. As a result, Urawa, who recorded 1 win and 1 draw in the ACL finals, enjoyed the joy of winning their third championship.

On this day, Urawa struggled to the point of being unable to record a single shot on target throughout the game, but laughed with a lucky goal. In the 3rd minute of the second half, from a free kick chance, Marius Höbroten’s header hit Al-Hilal midfielder Andre Carrillo’s foot and split the net.

Urawa’s victory overshadowed half of the Asian team in the Club World Cup, which will be expanded and reorganized to 32 teams from 2025. The 2023 tournament in Saudi Arabia, which will be held on December 12, is the last Club World Cup under the current system, in which seven teams participate.

FIFA allocated 4 spots to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for the new Club World Cup, in which 4 teams are divided into 8 groups to play in the group stage. The 2021, 2022, and 2023-2024 season ACL winning teams and the highest AFC club rankings for four years are the targets.

With Al-Hilal, the 2021 ACL champion, securing one first, Urawa, the 2022 champion, will also join them.

The K-League is also open enough to participate in the 2025 Club World Cup.

Four teams, Ulsan Hyundai, Jeonbuk Hyundai, Pohang Steelers, and Incheon United, will challenge to win the 2023-2024 ACL that opens in August. Except for the first participant, Incheon, all three teams have the experience of winning the ACL.

In particular, as Pohang competed for the championship with Al-Hilal in the 2021 ACL final, it is highly likely to secure a ticket to the Club World Cup with the AFC club rankings according to this year’s good performance.카지노사이트

The AFC has yet to disclose how club rankings are calculated. However, according to the AFC’s scores for each league, Korea (95.462 points) is expected to rank second after Saudi Arabia (100 points).

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