The cheering song resounding during the chaser match sounded like a new stimulus to Lim Jae-young.

Through the chaser match, Lim Jae-young set a new goal.

When thinking of Lim Jae-young of Korean Air, ‘one-point server’ comes to mind first. He gets into the important points of the game and leaves a strong impression with his powerful serve.

However, the players themselves were disappointing. It’s because he hasn’t shown much of a striker on the court. This season, Lim Jae-young was unable to play as an outside hitter rather than a one-point server.

But I had a chance. On the 7th, a chaser match between Korean Air and Hyundai Capital was held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon.

In the chaser match, Lim Jae-young took on the role of leading the atmosphere from the beginning, not the role of changing the atmosphere of the match by entering the match as a substitute. He stepped on the court with an apogee and took responsibility for the attack by Korean Air.

Lim Jae-young, who had experience playing as an apologist while attending Kyonggi University, played an active role on the right wing for the first time in a long time. He showed a different side of himself by posting 18 points including 1 serve ace.

He said, “I had an experience of playing as an aposite when I was in my third year of college. he ran for a long time It was fun. I am really happy to hit an attack because I do not receive,” he laughed.

If Jaeyoung Lim was on the right, Hanyong Jeong was on the left in this chaser match. The strikers who acted as Korean Air’s one-point server showed their presence in the attack, not the serve.

He is also a well-meaning competitor who has to fight to seize an opportunity, but he is also a colleague who helps each other. Lim Jae-young said, “I think it’s right for a good person to enter during a game. Get motivated by competing with each other. So during practice, I try to hit well, give stimulation, and make a lot of bets.”

“I used to win a lot when betting, but these days Han Yong-i wins a lot. That’s why I seem to be entering the game often lately (laughs). Still, every situation is different. The coach also looks at the condition of the players and appoints them.”

It was a scene reminiscent of an official match. Korean Air’s on-site announcer boosted morale by playing a cheering song when the players scored. Then, during the game, Lim Jae-young expressed his embarrassment when his cheering song came out.

Lim Jae-young confided, “I was embarrassed when only my cheering song came out in a quiet stadium because I heard it during the chaser match,” and said, “I have to work hard and listen to it even during the actual game.” 토토

The game experience accumulated on the actual court, not the practice court, Lim Jae-young said, “I practice a lot in the back. It was fun to be able to show that, and I hope there will always be more games like this.”

In addition, it was even more valuable because I was with the fans. “The fans also came for their precious time, and thank you for watching the chaser match after the regular league game. We had more fun because we had fans.”

Lim Jae-young is about to enlist in the Armed Forces Sports Unit in May. “After his acceptance to managing director, I had a strong thought that I should show more during my remaining time. So I felt a lot of pressure. But now he has a chance to grow even in the military, so he thinks it’s good,” he said, conveying his mindset.

But the team always came first. Lim Jae-young said, “I want to help the team. I always want to infuse positive energy into the hyungs.”

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